Corey: Our Guiding Light


This site is a tribute to the man who changed my life forever with his training and made a difference to thousands of us who market and help customers on the internet. My thoughts and condolences go out to Tracy and the entire staff at IMC .. and all of us. Corey showed us how to do it, at

He was a class act. It was following Corey’s training that helped me establish my trading sites back in 1999, and Corey was a pioneer who taught thousands of others how to build successful online businesses as well.

Corey motivated me personally, in a huge way — it was learning from his successes, that taught me that “there are no limits to what you can do”… and I always kept “how would Corey do it?” in mind as I developed all my online businesses. He was my guide.

…and I’m forever in Corey’s debt for helping me get enthusiastic and motivated.. and for showing how it’s done in a world-class way. You’re the best, Corey. And I will miss you – you’re a true teacher, friend and inspiration for all of us.

Update Tuesday February 28 2012 from Ken:

Corey’s influence and inspiration continues to be in my thoughts.

Update Monday May 15 2006 from Ken:

Barbara-Ann sent in a touching letter today, I’ve included it below – thanks for sharing it. I’m planning on creating a video message for the site here, sometime in the near future. It’s been difficult to think about talking about Corey, it’s still a loss that’s with me, and I am at a loss, for what to say. I know that Corey motivated me to be successful on the internet, as he did for so many of you as well, and I work to try and carry on, to apply all of what I’ve learned from him, to help others.

Update Monday July 4th 2005 from Ken:

I just received a touching memorial letter from John, Corey’s father, and have posted it at the top of the site. Please keep your emails coming in, folks. Apologize it’s been a few days since I’ve updated the site, will do asap with the most recent letters.

Update Saturday June 11th from Ken:

There was a live online”Tribute to Corey” event today at 1pm EST via; we’ll post a link to the audio file once it is available.

Update Friday June 10th from Ken:

Thanks to Derek, Jennifer, Scott and the rest of the folks at IMC for helping me out and calling me, it’s much appreciated. You guys are like my family far away in all this, connected by a common thread. Thanks for being there.

Corey was the guy who made me successful, was always the light in a dark room Was always in the background, the guy who inspired every thing I’ve done on the internet for 4 years. First person I’ve really valued/cared for, that I’ve lost.

Here’s a ‘Corey thought’ for the day: I like to think of Corey like a modern-day Indiana Jones, he was both the teacher, the professor who taught us, and also the adventurer, who was the first guy to test out and experiment with new approaches, then tell us how to do it, to help our customers. He was a genuine leader in this whole internet marketing arena, made such a big difference to me .. and I really am at a total loss.

I trust Corey’s whole approach, and it works spectacularly, and now I feel like a rug has been pulled out from underneath me, and it’s hard to deal with. The guy was the backbone teaching of everything I’ve spent 4+ years of my life doing, and I valued him more than these words on a site can convey. It’s a rough time.

Update Sun June 5 from Ken:

Thanks to all of you for sending in these very special tribute emails, they’ll stay here on the site forever, for honoring Corey. It’s been a blessing to see all the kind words from so many people who Corey’s helped…. from my heart, thanks for sending these in.

I’ll record some kind of audio/video message sometime soon… I’ve never lost anyone important to me before, so I’ve just been sad, all weekend. When I can compose myself again, I’ll get a message up on the site.

Corey’s drive and ambition and “how he does things” was always in my mind whenever I worked on my businesses, kind of like having him sitting next to me, encouraging me on, through his teaching and from meeting and talking with him in person….to have him taken away so soon, is a sad feeling, that I’ll never be able to talk with him again at seminars, or to know that he’s there in our corner, encouraging all of us to succeed.

I always remember his speaking in his first video from way back, onstage … the fire in his eyes, the genuine enthusiasm about how to add value and market to people around the world online….those images are always with me, and motivated me for years.

Corey was one of the best and brightest, and a true motivator for all of us who learned from him… he did things right, as your kind letters below give support to… he’s touched so many lives, set the stage for marketing success…and was a genuine person. People like Corey are very rare…and for all whose lives have been touched by him, we consider ourselves very fortunate. I wish Corey could’ve been with us for many more decades, as an inspiration and role model. It’s a damn shame to lose such a gifted, driven, talented friend so soon.

In his memory, this site is dedicated to him.

Corey Rudl, a bright, talented internet marketer, and valued colleague and mentor to me for years, was killed in a race car accident on June 2nd, 2005 at 10:40 am. He was in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, being driven by Benjamin Keaton.

From the coroner’s report: On 6-2-05 at 10:40 AM, Benjamin Miles Keaton, age: 39, from La Jolla , was driving a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT on the inside track at the Fontana Motor Speedway in Fontana with Corey Nicholas Rudl, age: 34, from La Jolla , as a passenger. While traveling westbound on an inside track, the driver apparently lost control, left the north side, careened onto a grass area, collided into a K-rail barrier and caught fire. Emergency personnel immediately responded and quickly extinguished the fire. Mercy Air responded and airlifted Benjamin to Loma Linda University Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 11:31 AM. Corey was pronounced dead at the scene.

Share Your Thoughts About Corey Here:

Your stories & thoughts about Corey go here, let’s hear them… please send them in, we can honor Corey this way.   Thanks to all who’ve been sending in emails from around the world.

Thanks to all of you who’ve been sending in emails, I’m updating the site 3-4 times/day w/new emails… (sorry I can’t respond individually to each one), I’m just posting them here… appreciate the outpouring of kind thoughts.. as I read them, I’m reminded that it’s the difference we each make in other people’s lives, that matters… and Corey made a huge impact on all of us.

Emails Honoring and Celebrating Corey:

Hello Ken,

This is John Rudl, Corey’s father. I meant to write this sooner but this has been a trying time for my wife and I. Thank you for setting up this site in honor of Corey. Losing a child is a parent’s worst nightmare. It is comforting to my wife and I to see the depth of how many lives Corey has affected. Thank you to all those people who have taken the time to post their tributes.

If you did not know Corey personally, then you probably only saw the sales side of him. Corey had an incredible ability to love. He loved life and he lived it with a positive passion. He absolutely adored his wife, he loved doing business, he loved cars, and he loved his family. His life coach told me at his Memorial, “I never met anyone who had such an ability to not hold a grudge.” There are so many things I could tell you about Corey that made us proud to have him as a son, but the one thing that impressed us the most was that he never let success go to his head. He was still the same man of integrity and personality as he was before his success. He never bragged to anyone, even to us. We had to pull everything out of him when we would get together.

I read a couple of comments on the Internet, something to the effect that he was only an amateur driver on a racetrack, so possibly it was to be expected. Let me assure you he was an outstanding driver who raced against professionals and Won. He also won first-place overall in the 2002 Vancouver Molson Indy sports car event. Unfortunately, he was not driving when this accident occurred, and if he were, I believe this tragedy wouldn’t have happened. The newspapers did not tell the whole story. The local sports car club had rented the racetrack for the day for their car owners to run laps, not race. In other words, they would put a few cars on the track at a time and they would practice driving skills by running against the clock. Corey had taken a drive with a fellow driver to see how the Porsche handled, as his car was malfunctioning. They were coming down the straightaway at high speed when another car that was mis-qued came out of the pits right in front of them and they had to swerve violently in order to miss that car. That’s what caused the loss of control of the Porsche. They skidded across a grass strip and hit a concrete barrier at high speed and Corey was killed instantly as the car hit the concrete barrier on the passenger-side.

Corey was also an astute businessmen in many ways. One of the many things he was doing the last year was grooming his executive staff to take over in his absence, as Corey had other projects he was considering doing. He was trying to “un-brand” his name from the company by setting up policies and procedures that would always keep the “Internet Marketing Center” on the very leading edge of Internet marketing whether he was there or not.. In particular, the present CEO, Derek Gehl was the new face of the company. It is ironic he was killed only one month after that process was completed. We are so sad he did not get a chance to enjoy his success longer and particular, his next major project. It was to tour the country speaking with troubled teenagers and coaching them how to make a success of their lives.

What people don’t know was that Corey was a very high energy, negative thinking rebellious teenager who almost drove us crazy with worry. As luck would have it a combination of an excellent schoolteacher, his motocross successes and our steadying influence, turned his negative energy into a positive force that has propelled him through the years until his death. He told us on this last Mother’s Day that one of the things he wanted to do was to give back to society by writing a book called, “Parents,There Is Hope For Your Teenager Yet” and tour high schools encouraging them on how to turn negative energies into positive results. All free of charge, of course.

It is disheartening for us that this dream did not come true in his lifetime, however, my wife and I are looking for some way to continue that dream for him. One of the things we are thinking about is that if we could get enough stories from people that Corey has helped turn their negative thoughts into positive results for them, we could put them together into a book. So if any of you out there have a compelling story, we would greatly appreciate your contribution. You can e-mail me at .

Again, thank you all very much for your wonderful comments about Corey. It goes a long way in helping us heal through our grieving process.

John and Pat Rudl

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to post and say thank you on behalf of Corey’s entire family, his parents, his wife Tracy and our entire team at the Internet Marketing Center. There are so many wonderful posts that touched the hearts of everyone.

Not only was Corey my colleague and my mentor, Corey was also one of my best friends. He was one of the most talented and gifted marketers in the world and opened doors for countless people to achieve their dreams. Not only did he give people the tools they needed to be successful on the Internet, he inspired them to take action… he inspired them to take a chance and strive for those dreams.

I will miss Corey every day… I have spent the last 8 years of my life working with him side-by-side and after reading the hundreds of posts and emails in the last few days, I realize how truly lucky and blessed I am to have been given the privilege to have this great man as my personal mentor. To have his trust in me to run his business… to have his trust that I would make the same decisions in business and marketing that he, Corey Rudl, the guru himself would make.

If there is one thing we can all do as Internet Marketers that I know would make Corey happier than anything, it is to take this time and try something new with your online business! This week, test something new! Test a new strategy and keep testing and trying until you see results! Change a headline… try a new autoresponder… rewrite a sales letter… test a new affiliate promotion… just try something! In business, this is truly what Corey lived for.

He loved marketing and he loved the Internet… he loved the boundless opportunities to try new things and never limit his immense creativity.

When speaking with Corey’s father this morning we were discussing Corey’s “Pet Peeves” and something Corey had said time and time again was that the most frustrating thing in his life – the thing that drove him crazy every single day – was the fact that so many people would buy his products but they would never use them to their full capability… they would never take action and apply them.

He was truly a man who wanted people to succeed and he was a man who would never settle for mediocrity… so seeing people with a dream who would not take action to achieve that dream would drive him crazy.

So with that said, in honor of Corey let’s all test something new on our site. Let’s try something different, something unique and then …share our results. I know in my heart this would make Corey smile.

For many years to come Corey’s company, The Internet Marketing Center, will continue to follow Corey’s core principles and produce the cutting edge Internet marketing tools and strategies that we have all benefited and will continue to benefit from.

As I said to all of our staff at IMC today: “Corey has spent the last couple of years working to build a machine that could sustain itself… and the machine was finally completed”. It pains me to know that Corey will not be here to see this machine grow but I know he would want us to make it happen… and I do suspect that he will be watching to make sure we get it right.

With all of this said, thank you to everyone for your kind words and let’s honor Corey and take action this week. That would make him smile wherever he may be.

All the best…

Derek Gehl
Chief Operations Office and Corey’s Biggest Fan
The Internet Marketing Center

Hi everyone,

I want to take the time and say thank you so much for your support, sympathy and condolences.

I have been working for Corey for a little over 3 years. He was a great mentor, boss and person all together.

Corey’s passing has been a huge shock for all of us. He is an Internet Marketing Icon and I know he will be greatly missed by many. He always said that no matter what happens to him, he wants us to keep going with the company and to never let it fall, so that is exactly what we will do.

Corey passing away so suddenly and tragically has especially been hard for me. I was the one of the last people from the company to see him alive in San Diego 2 weeks ago. We held a seminar and he did amazing! I remember Corey being so happy with how it went and with life in general.

Again, I just want to say thank you to everybody. It’s very soothing to see a site dedicated to Corey. He was a great man and will be greatly missed.

~ Mariette
Internet Marketing Center

Hi Ken,

“Be the change in the world that you wish to see” this is what comes to mind when I remember Corey. He was the most amazing and most inspiring men I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Just being in his presence for as little as 5 minutes would have you feeling like you could take on the world … and win!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Corey made a believer out of us all, he will be sadly missed but greatly cherished and remembered.

My sincere condolences to Tracey and Corey’s family. You have all contributed to an amazing man’s life, may his memory live on in all of you.


Melanie Laing

Mentor Support
The Internet Marketing Centre


Hello Ken,

Thanks so much for creating this site for Corey. I’ve been working at IMC for just a short period of time. I’ve met Corey a couple of times and I can tell you that he was such a personal person. When you sent him an e-mail he replied. When you approched him he would stop and listen.

He was and is an inspiration to me. It was with great sadness and disbelief when the team at IMC heard the news.
I’ve been thinking about Corey on and off over the weekend. I’ve been thinking to myself that Corey is probably in the heavens talking one on one with God about some of the marketing strategies that he needs to put in place to help revive his church. I can just picture it now. Corey telling god that he needs to get it together. I mean that in a good way. I mean heck, even God could use a few good opt ins for his church.

But, on a serious note, I will miss him, but I will never forget him. I’ve talked with many people during the course of my work day that have so many great things to say about the man, his vision, and the way he treated people.
Corey you’ll be missed, and my prayers go out to you and your family.
I’ll be Seeing you one day I’m sure. God Bless you.

Luc de Leseleuc
Proud member of the IMC Team

I have just recieved the news about Corey and went to the warrior forum to see if it was real. I was shocked. I read all of the wonderful posts about him and tears started pouring down my face. I didn’t know Corey personally, I am just an affliate and customer. He was one person I knew I could count on for the best advice. He inspired me and many others by making it so far so young. He made you think you could do anything you wanted to do if you just stuck to it. He made me really believe that I could make it and have a beatiful car, house, etc. He made it all seem so simple. I hope he knows how much everyone cared and looked up to him. God bless you Corey. Goodbye. Rachael Willis

Hi Ken,

I was brought to your site by my fiance, Dan Kubb, who used to work for Corey as part of the Software Development Team at IMC. We were both shocked and awed at the news that he had passed, and I am thankful for you for setting up this site, since I have some things I always wanted to thank Corey for, and now will never get the chance (at least not in person).

First of all, When I met Dan 7 and a half years ago, he was working at Zellers, in a dead end job, and was very unhappy. He always wanted to work with computers, and since his friend Jason Miller, worked at IMC, I told him to ask for a job there. With no University or College degree, and no experience, his chances were bleak at getting a job. However, Corey saw his potential, and hired him on for tech support. While Dan did tech support, he was reading programming books, and learning how to be a programmer on his own time. eventually, Dan moved into software development, and his career was born.

While Dan worked at IMC, Corey had many company gatherings, and the one thin I noticed was that he never treated his employees as employees; they were his friends too, and it extended to their significant others as well. I never felt like I was an unknown. Corey knew my name, knew what I was going to school for, and when I was going to graduate. He new the little details that get lost when someone becmes too big for “the little people” and that made him very special. He was down to earth, friendly, and a great mentor to everyone who knew him.

I remember when Corey and Tracy first started dating….I met her first on a company dinner cruise, and saw her many times after that. You could tell he was smitten, and Dan and I weren’t surprised when he announced he was getting married. Well, Dan was surprised because he did not have a good view of marriage; his parents were divorced and he really had no interest in getting married. However, if Corey was happy, then what did it matter?

Shortly after this, Dan announced he was leaving the company to start his own business doing consulting and software development. Instead of saying good bye and leaving it at that, Corey continued to refer clients to Dan for custom work, and gave him pointers on how to make sure his home business would successful. The last meeting Dan had with Corey was in April of 2005. Corey had come up for a seminar and set up a business meeting with Dan. I figured it was more of a personal meeting, than a professional one, but Dan came and said that Corey gave him some great ideas, support and encouragement for his own business. Corey was great that way; he always promoted his employees going out on their own, and he never prevented them from doing it either.

Dan said about half way through the conversation talk turned to Corey and Tracy, and married life. Dan expected bad news; Corey gave him good news. All corey could say was how awesome married life was, and how awesome Tracy was. He was very happy, and recommended it to Dan. Corey loved Tracy so much; Dan could tell just by the way Corey talked about her. Dan said it was a real eye opener, because he had never had anyone speak positively about marriage, it was always negative. It made Dan think about it more, and more, and more.

This is where my thank-you’s begin. Shortly after that meeting, Dan started ring shopping. In October of last year, Dan proposed, and in 2 and half weeks, we’re getting married (June 3rd, 2006). I really wanted to thank Corey for letting Dan know how much being married made his life better, because I think ours will be better too. I also wanted to thank tracy for giving that to Corey, because having a wonderfu wife and husband indirectly affected me too.

Secondly, I wanted to thank Corey for giving Dan a chance 7 years ago. if it wasn’t for that chance, I don’t know where Dan would be, where we would be. Dan has a career, and soon I’ll have a husband.

Lastly, I wanted to send our condolences to thr Rudl family; I can’t imagine the pain you have gone through over the last year, to have lost someone so special.  I spent many days wondering why God wouldn’t let us all have Corey for a bit longer, but was comofrted by the fact that He must have needed Corey more, or else he’d still be here with us.

Corey was a friend, a mentor, a supporter and an encourager. There are no words I could ever say that could convey how thankfull I am for the opportunites that Corey gave to me and Dan. We miss you, and will be thinking of you in the days to come.


Dan Kubb and Barbara-Ann Mowll (soon to be Kubb).

I couldn’t believe the tragic news about Cory’s death.

I’ve been a minor affiliate of his site for more years than I care to remember.

I’ve never bothered to put 100% of my effort behind promoting his superb products, but despite this, I’ve enjoyed incredible customer service from Cory and his team.

Cory defined the standards in affiliate marketing:

  • Great products
  • Great support
  • Dedicated to his affiliates who contributed to his success

I remember his early websites, back in the late 1990s. …brilliant as far as the content went.

Cory’s work can never be replicated by others. But thousands of people will have learnt from the way that he put passion into his products.

Tracy, I can’t begin to imagine how you feel. I’ve been married to my partner, Ruth, for nearly 40 years (I’m rather old). My heart goes out to you.

All I can say is: respect Cory; respect yourself; and allow yourself to grieve.

They say that time is a healer. I don’t know about that. But you have to give it a chance.

No-one can replace Cory; he was unique.


Ian Traynor
York. UK

We received some very sad news today. Our industry has suffered a great loss. Internet Marketing Superstar Corey Rudl was killed in a car racing accident on June 2, 2005. He was only 34 years old and recently married.

We consider Corey our mentor. Although we did not know him personally, we respected his work in our industry and regarded him as an expert.

… we used Corey’s Internet Marketing Manuals extensively to guide us with text and design concepts. He was truly a master!

Corey accomplished more in his short 34 years than most people ever dream possible. There’s no telling what new and exciting possibilities he would have shared with the world had he stayed with us even just a few years longer.

There’s a saying I’m sure you’ve heard that says, “Live every day as if it were your last”. From what little I know about Corey, one of his greatest passions was racing. There is some comfort in knowing that he lived his life to it’s fullest, doing what he loved most, both in his work and at play.

We mourn the loss of this great man and send our heartfelt condolences to his family.


Patrick & Tracy Monteforte

Dear Ken,

You don’t know me, I don’t even know you.
But doing what u’re doing for Corey and his family and friends it really shows you are very kind guy with big heart, honest and trustable.

Corey will no longer be with us any longer, its sad day and my sympathy goes to all his friends and specially to his wife and family its always hard when people are taken away from us, I believe God take away the people he love most first, already lost two friends in car accident and they where both talented guys, easy to understand and great friends.


Life is like thousand images, disappearing, one at a time, like mirror broken in thousand pieces, we are all given feelings, to feel for life, to feel everything around us, doesen’t matter if you are handicap in a wheelchair, you always have the feelings, feelings to feel the life you where given, often people take drugs and drink so much to forget to fly away from their feelings, people never think about life is 12 hours only, people often never realize problems can be solved, does not matter what kind of problem it is and they don’t know, often people make their own problem, its really sad to see people taking drugs or drinking just to forget or to feel better about their self, each person is a special person, Corey was really a great person I believe, he was taken away from us, because God really loved him so much, God takes people he love first, our memories, will never fade away, we’ll never forget, each time, year and moment we are given in life we should enjoy, we must die, to die, so if you must die, you must live your life, its what Corey did, he lived his life, he touched many hearts around the World, his family and friends knew it maybe, but I think they don’t realize how big Impact he had in this world, how much he did for people around the world, it is really sad to see him gone away from us, never met him, never spoke with him, just knew when visiting his pages online, it was a great guy, his heart and emotions where for real, often we think about money, it counts, without it its hard to survive, we must remember to treat the people we love with respect, our family and friends, giving our time to them, learn to read the broken pieces from images of life memories and happy moments we are given, I didn’t know 2 days ago I was going to write this but really you deserve to read this, Ken, for me you are a honest person with a great heart and really bright personality, think about this Ken for one moment, our spirit never dies, its in the music everywhere around us, we all got feelings, many people out there got broken heart and many problems to fix, but we are not able to help everyone, people need to help their self, but it’s good to help others, like its good to give and some of us just needs help from others, its always good to give away part of your feelings let others know who you really are, that’s why we got friends, we can choose our friends but not our family and there is reason behind that, our family will always support us, we never know who our friends are for real, without knowing them for many years to come first, but before I finish this, I’m glad what you are doing for Corey, his friends and family, my kinds words goes to his family, it’s really good to know he “died” of what he loved to do, racing cars, we must try to see bright sides of this, its painful to think of but he was taken away because God love him and God took him away from the moment he “Loved so much!” Racing cars…

My sympathy and my heart goes to Corey Rudl, his wife, friends and family.




Hi Ken Didnt know Corey only as an affiliate of his IMC. Shocked that someone so young and who had accomplished so much could just go in the manner he did. Of course it could happen to any of us at anytime but something like this really makes this fact hit home. I feel most for his poor wife. I have posted a picture and short tribute at my blog and forum: ..I hope all the messages of support can help the family, maybe not now, but in the future as they deal with their grief. I am sure there will be thousands of outpourings of sympathy from the IM world. Your friend in success Mal Keenan

To Corey’s Friends & Family, I am crying with you today. He was everything I strive to be, not only successful, but bright & personable. Corey’s work will continue to inspire and enlighten millions of people for years to come. May God be with you all. Mike N. – NJ, USA

I was totally shocked when I received the news about Corey yesterday.  I want to express my sympathy and condolences to his new wife and his family as well as the family of his friend Benjamin Keaton. Corey will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him in the internet marketing community.  He was a shining star in life and he will be a shining star forever now. Joanne Martell Nova Scotia, Canada


I am very sad when I heard today that the Internet Marketing World legend Corey Rudl has passed away from our midst in a tragic racing car accident. I have not met Corey, or to have spoken to him, but to have been in email contact.

He was one of the very few serious dedicated teachers of Internet’s secrets and techniques. Corey will remain an Internet’s star, and one of the very best internet’s copywriters. He was young 34 and full of energy, and VERY Successful.

Corey Rudl of the famous and But I will say that I admired Corey he was a step ahead and one you would want to learn from. Corey started about 1997 and pioneered ebooks, email and affiliate programs. Moreover, he helped numerous people to be successful some to become Internet millionaires.

Corey Rudl God Bless and may you rest in peace with the Lord – you will be missed Corey. It’s a reminder that we never know what will tomorrow be. Our life is the present moment, today we create the future. Let’s appreciate how precious it is.

Thank you Corey, you’ll remain in our hearts the Internet will miss you, as an industry leader. My hearts and prayers go out to Tracy, his widow, his friends, family and staff

Bryan Webb – United Kingdom

P.S. It makes me feel lucky to be alive; I had a very serious car accident in my Jaguar, with multiple injuries fractured skull, chest, spine and was in a coma, with an out of life experience.
But with major surgery have been able to walk again be happy and enjoy life to its fullest.

To Corey, and therefore to his family and all close to him: So many people knew you without ever meeting or even speaking to you.  You helped each and every one of us, because the very first step in achieving anything in life, is first daring to dream, and to dream with vigor!  FEEL the dream to the core of your being. FEEL yourself living your dream. Corey, you communicated that to us with everything you did.  You truly inspired us, each and every one, to believe in ourselves. We are all so human; we live, we die and in between we agree and disagree.  But know this Corey: we really loved you, underneath it all.  We saw you for who you really are, because you lived your life with such cup-runneth-over passion. To all those who grieve: love Corey with all your heart, and know you are not alone. No matter what our individual goals are, we are all striving for happiness.  In this time of great sorrow, try to remember happiness.  Remember all that we share, all that we have shared, is contained in this moment, for this moment is all that we truly ever have. With respect, Kathryn Beach

Dear Ken, I am writing this email about losing my greatest friend Corey Rudl. When I got online yesterday i talked with my best friend Matt Fulger and he said that Corey died. I was thinking maybe that is just a trick or something that. Today i checked the warrior forum and there i read the posts about Corey died i even received emails from my friends and reading the ezines. Corey really died. I am in totally shock. i am having a wonderful girlfriend she is with me in this situation too. May Peace with you Corey, Tracy don’t give up. You are so wonderful girl. Thanks once again. Best regards PETER SKUTA

Rest in Peace, Corey. The good fortune of many is a direct result of your global efforts. You changes the face of marketing on the we forever, and help thousands get their start. My brother Rick and I send our deepest condolences to Corey’s family, and every life that he has touched through his life. Ron Davies, Canada


When I heard Corey Rudl passed away …

I was sad and dishearten to hear he died in a car accident. Among all internet marketers, I respected him the most. He never endorses any products that he doesn’t believe in. Personally, I think his products are the best compared to any ebooks around. Nothing ever comes close at the value that he provides for such reasonable price products.

He had helped me with his knowledge and an inspiration of being success on the internet.

Such a great lost of talent.

There will never be another ‘Corey Rudl’ who dedicated his life to teach people about internet marketing.


Patric Chan
– Malaysia

To Tracy, family and friends. Like many thousands, Corey introduced me to internet marketing through his Internet Marketing Strategies course. The one thing that stays with me is his story of how he learned marketing, and the hard work he had done long before he became famous. I join others as I mourne the loss of such a young man. Judith

Cory Rudl had something about him that was special. He had that unexplainable ‘it’ factor that made people want to listen and learn from him. He had incredible lessons to teach and passion for everything he did. I learned a lot from him in the short time that I had the chance, and he had a tremendous impact on my business. Corey explained things in a way that “reached” me and made me understand. It could have been the same stuff that I had heard a million times before but when he said it, it just made sense for some reason.

Rest in peace Corey.


Timour Haider

My condolences and our prayers go out to Corey’s friends and family. I did not know Corey but first started buying his products when I bought a binder set of the Guide. He has taught and inspired me to make my living off of the net since then. I am one of thousands of ‘lurkers’ who owe a lot to him for his vision that gave us the ability to see what could be done and courage to act on it. He taught me to fish. Best regards Oscar Patterson

You came, Corey, And now you’re gone. But in the all too brief interval, You touched many lives, You illuminated innumerable paths. Your legacy shall live on, In more ways than you could have imagined, Corey. Generations to come shall have the wherewithal To live lives that breathe free, Because you touched their parents’ lives. You’re gone in body, But never in spirit. For you live on in the hearts of your students, Of whom I’m but a little one. I have never met you Corey, And you may not even have known I existed, But you were a light when my path was dark, You were the candle that showed someone was home. I’ll miss you. See ya someday in that Great Seminar in the sky.

To Corey’s Family and Friends.. My Prayers and Thoughts are with you in this time of loss. I truly feel as others do..a great sense of loss.I cannot begin to imagine what you must be going through. Corey was very instrumental in motivating, inspiring and helping launch people towards being able to work from home, I’m forever grateful to have shared,even in the smallest way the life he lived and gave. He truly gave..
Gods peace be with you Jon Mills, Ontario,Canada.

I just woke up to find the news of Coreys death and I am in a state of total disbelief. Corey was one of the very first Internet marketing mentors I met online. Which was over six years ago. The knowledge he has shared with so many over the years has been life changing for me and my family. With absolutely no experience of the net we needed someone who we could trust in. Corey proved that he was one of those people. Much of the teachings he shared with us over the years helped us to create an incredible home based business. Today is one of our saddest as we lose one of lifes greatest inspirations. Our heart goes out to Tracey and all of Coreys family. So so Sorry. Love and best wishes Neil & Kerry Ogden we will miss you xx


Thanks for setting up this memorial site.

It is indeed an extreme tragedy to hear of Corey’s death. A sad loss for his family & the whole of the Internet Community. I for one have been inspired by Corey on many occasions. Gary Ockwell.

It is with a saddened heart that I learnt today ONE of the Greats in the Internet Marketing World was killed in a car crash. I did not know Corey personally but have brought many of his products and found them to be of great value.
He will be sorely missed. We send our condolences to his family and members of his staff.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you.
Stuart Bazga

Unbelievable. I have been watching Cory and buying his courses for years. He has helped me with so much in marketing on the internet. I had gotten away from the business for a couple of years but I am now back in and I think the best thing we can all do to honor Cory is to take it to the next level. There is no telling how much more Cory would have done if he had stayed with us. My condolences go out to Tracy and the rest of his family. Let’s lift him up. Gregg Hall

Thank you for this opportunity Ken ………. Corey Rudl, as many have expressed already, directly influenced the lives of tens of thousands of people, and influenced millions more indirectly. The love and passion here poured into his life is an inspiration to us all that life is to be lived in the moment! Corey’s teachings were my first foray into the internet world … who would have thought that I would experience the sense of loss that I do …. just as so many others do?  A true indication of the impact he had on our Universe. As my dear Mother has always said, “wherever you go and whatever you do, leave the world a better place.” Corey Rudl the world is a far better place for your having been here. Condolences and Love to Tracy, family and friends of both men. Brett Tannahill Western Australia

It was said of Alexander, the Great…

   “Into 3 decades he compressed the energies of many lifetimes”

Today, I guess it could be said about Corey with more than a little truth.
I was shocked to hear about the tragic loss, and feel numb and sad,
even though I hadn’t met the great man in person. Like many others
in the Internet Marketing field, Corey has been one of my first teachers
and one of the very best.

Corey lived his life intensely. Passionately. Energetically.

Even Dangerously.

It’s why he succeeded as an Internet Marketer. It’s why he was able to
impact so many lives.

He reminds me of another IM legend who lived just as intensely.
Jim Wilson. The man who “left the Internet a better place than he
entered it”.

Corey Rudl will, hopefully, be remembered as the man who
“launched thousands on a career as Internet Marketers” –
and inspired them by example, with his own passion.

The man is now a legend. His memory will live on… and inspire
many more.

My sincere heartfelt condolences to his family.

Chennai, India
… a student of Corey Rudl since 1996

This is a sad day! Life is short, as Corey’s death this week, has brought home to us all. Let us all make the best of the time we have left! May Corey’s God be as good to him as he has been to his innumerable ‘wannabes’, me included, throughout his short life. I never met, nor spoke to Corey, but I am surrounded by many of his instructional books, tapes, videos etc. I have watched him so often, on DVD, doing what he did best, working hard to help us to become as successful as he was, that I feel I knew him well, and, more to the point, that HE KNEW ME TOO!. I’m sure, all his ‘students’ feel the same. Corey was so talented, accomplished and personable that he will be a godsend to his fellow angels. Our hearts ache for his widow, Tracy and we grieve with her in her loss. I haven’t felt this sense of loss since 08/16/77. Ar Dheis De go raibh a h-anam. (Gaelic) (May his soul be at the right hand of God) Liam Matthews, Dublin, Ireland


Shocked & Saddened is how I feel, in fact I closed my home office as soon as I heard the news.  I could only think of Corey and his family each time I looked at my computer screen. My prayers are with both family’s as I can only try to imagine their tremendous loss.  I will miss his support greatly.  Corey’s gifts will be forever remembered. Sherry Cantua   

Ken Thanks for setting up this page. Corey Rudl was a class act. The first thing that came to mind upon hearing of his tragic death was… A personal wedding invitation from him. Not an email mind you, but a real letter. He was so happy… You were never just another affiliate or just another customer. Corey made you feel special. That’s class… Tracy – My thoughts and prayers go out to you. He will not be forgotten. He will live on inside those of us who learned so very much from him. Alan W. Hollingsworth

He Talked To Me About Having A Purpose In Life I wish I could explain or find words for how I feel today. Corey seemed larger than life to me. He lived the “American Dream:” Hard work, innovation, creativity, resiliency, relationships and reward. I was with Corey recently in Seattle. He was speaking to a conference of Retailers and trying to help them understand how they could build their business by adding online revenue or at least exposure. I watched their heads swim and heard many comments around me that they were surely inspired by quite overwhelmed. I felt that way in the late 90’s when I first found anything by Corey, and to be honest…I still am amazed at half or more of what he taught. I spoke with him, along with others of course, at the end of the evening. I am one of his affiliates and we talked about that for a few moments. Then somehow, we progressed into what he wants to do in the future. I don’t have memory of a verbatim discussion, but this is close. Corey said having money is only part of happiness. He said you have to have a higher purpose. He told me how he wanted to into high schools and start inspiring kids to become what they can be. He referred to his time in high school and how he rebelled – he wanted to give something back. Money is great, he said, but only money. I am dumbfounded as to why he left us yesterday, when he seemed to have a purpose he felt he needed to pursue. And yet, when I read of the impact he has had in so many lives, and the huge impact in my own, perhaps he highly underestimated his purpose on earth. Corey, I can only imagine what you know now, what you see, and how you feel. I thank you from my heart for all you gave. May grace ease you into your next abode with peace and light. For his new bride and family and friends, and all the incredible members of his team at IMC, please know you are riding on the love and prayers of thousands of friends. Harmony Thiessen Vancouver, BC

My prayers go out to his wife Tracy, his family, and close friends. May God be with you.  Corey has been a great inspiration to me. He will be greatly missed by all his internet friends and affiliates. I am sure that there are thousands who agree with outpouring sympathy in the internet marketing world. Mary Price – Dawson, GA  USA

Sad at the news.  I had a few personal and business problems last year and was having trouble paying for one of Corey’s Courses.  His customer support team told me to keep the product and send them the money when business improved. When was the last time someone did that for anyone? God bless Corey, his friend Benjamin and their friends and family. John H. Edinburgh, Scotland

Ken, thanks for setting up this site. Many have said they had never met Corey personally. I guess I was more blessed than I realized at the time.  For those who wonder if Corey was as neat a guy in person as he seemed to be in his emails, here’s the story of my brief meeting with this shooting star who burned out much too quickly…

Four years ago, I signed up for one seminar that led to a smaller seminar that Corey was giving. At the time I knew it wasn’t unusual for Corey to speak to upwards of 1,000 people in a seminar, but this one was to be very small­only about 25 people.  So I was excited to say the least, and I was not disappointed.  For three hours we sat riveted as Corey strolled around the room, talking at the speed of lightning. By the end of the first three hours I had 12 pages of notes.
            At the lunch break I dashed out and down the block, grabbed something quick, and headed back.  We had an hour. It wasn’t like I had to rush, but I was afraid my car would break down and I would be forced to walk back. I certainly didn’t want to miss anything because I was dilly-dallying around.
            When I got back, I was the only attendee in the room with about 40 minutes to spare. Corey and his small staff of about four were still working.  Unfortunately something in the computer system had gone wrong, and it wasn’t working the way Corey wanted it to work. At the time he was worth in the neighborhood of $20 million.  In a suit that could’ve bought a small island, here he was crawling around on the floor under the tables trying to figure out which cord hooked to which thing to fix the glitch.
            As this was going on, one of Corey’s staff members, Travis came up and started asking me about my experience­why I was there, if I was getting anything out of the seminar, how many pages of notes I had, what kind of books I write, that kind of thing. Every so often, Corey would pop his head up over the table and ask, “Is lunch here yet?”
            Apparently the restaurant they’d ordered lunch from was running behind, and as time dwindled down, their window of time to eat was thinning quickly.  The “no” would come from the back of the room, and Corey would say “okay” and dive back beneath the table.  This is going to sound unbelievable, and thinking back on it now, it is even to me, but while all of this was going on, Corey was asking me questions as well. He was interested to hear how I had found his stuff, what I thought of it as I read it, what things I had already tried, what things I planned to try.  There was no end to the questions!
            To this minute I don’t know how he did it, but he managed to fix that computer. Lunch arrived, and he inhaled a sandwich and fries. With five minutes to spare, he put on his jacket and was waiting with a smile when the other people came back.  I’m sure they never knew the chaos that had surrounded him for the better part of an hour. He looked like peace personified.
            Yes, Corey Rudl was a very rich man. To me, he was the servant God gave five talents to, who used them, and they multiplied many fold. Corey used the talents God gave him to make his own fortune, and then he willingly passed that knowledge onto others. A void has been left in the Internet Marketing world with the passing of Corey Rudl into God’s Kingdom, and it has nothing to do with the money he helped anybody make. It has to do with the man he was. The man who had enough money to sit back and do nothing for the rest of his life but instead chose to spend his time crawling around on the floor, looking for the cord that wasn’t hooked up properly, waiting for lunch that was late, and doing it with a grace and a peace and a kindness that defy human logic.
            Yes, Corey was rich, and it had nothing to do with money.
  I will miss him greatly.

Peace to all who are grieving,

Stacy M. Wilhelm
writing as Staci Stallings

I read somewhere (probably your site) that Corey’s next foray was to help students get a grasp on their potential. Having been a high school teacher, I know so many of the kids could’ve used some of Corey’s unbelievable energy to get them going down the right road. Although Corey has passed on, I don’t want his dream of helping kids to go by the wayside.  So I wanted to let everyone know about another young man who in the prime of his life has set up a site to help Inner City kids by helping their teachers. The site is called Donors Choose (and just so you know, I am in no way affiliated with them). It’s at  It lets you search for projects to sponsor in Inner City and poor schools. The teachers post their needs, and interested donors can donate enough to partially fund or fully fund the projects they select.  I have donated twice and have received packets of thank you cards, letters, and pictures from the kids who benefited from my donation. My only wish is that I could do more. These kids need a partner like Corey. He isn’t here, so maybe we could be Corey’s representatives for them.

I’m just wondering if anyone would be interested in donating in Corey’s name. We could either let people know of the opportunity or we could get together and fund a few together. To do this we could post a couple that we are sponsoring in Corey’s name and then let anyone interested donate as they so choose.

The thing I am most realizing as a result of Corey’s death is how truly AMAZING this thing called the Internet really is.  We aren’t millions of people sitting at different computers.  We are a family. Corey proved that if you let yourself be human on the ‘net that amazing results can and do happen. I believe as a group we can make the impact with these kids that Corey not only envisioned but lived so beautifully!

When I opened my emails this Saturday morning, I was absolutely gobsmacked to learn of the untimely passing of Cory Rudl at the very young age of 34.

Cory is one of the greatest internet marketing success stories of all time. I feel so terribly for his new wife, she must be absolutely devastated.

I have been affiliated with IMC for years and his newsletter. What a legacy he has left the world, his teachings will be handed down for generations to come, not to mention being an a source of inspiration to those aspiring to become successful in internet and/or network marketing.

I too love all forms of motorsport and competed in rally cars on dirt roads in our state forests for a period of ten years. No I wasn’t the driver, I was the navigator, giving the driver instructions on the direction to drive the car, plus pointing out potential hazards in the course. These cars would often reach speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. I have been involved in several accidents and nearly lost my left hand in one of them, having it crushed during a car roll over.

I had to stop competing ten years ago, due to a very damaged lower lumbar spine. The doctor said that if I wanted to keep walking the planet, I had to give up my beloved rallying.

But at least I am still here to tell the tale to my grand kids.

There by the grace of God go us all.

My deepest condolences to his wife, family, friends and all those at IMC.

In sadness
Merilyn Rogers
Brisbane, Queensland Australia

To Corey’s wife Tracey, his parents, and his sister Hope… my heart goes out to you for your grief, your sorrow, and your pain.

To Corey…  You gave me an opportunity to work for you when you first started the Internet marketing Center, and it is because of you and what you taught me that I am where I am today. Thank you for the memories.

To Corey’s wife Tracey… you probably don’t remember me, but I met you a few times when I still worked for Corey so many years ago.  The day he first met you, I remember him talking about this beautiful and intelligent woman he had met. And you could just see it in his eyes, although not verbalized at that moment, that you were the one. Corey always new a good thing when he saw it, and the impression you made on him told all of us that he had finally found the woman of his dreams.

To Corey’s Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rudl… It has been years since I have seen you but I want you to know that Corey loved you both very much and that he attributed much of his success to the love, the guidance, and the entrepreneurial spirit you instilled him.  He was a dynamic man, with a loving heart that came from the two of you.

To Corey’s sister Hope… I am so sorry that you have lost your brother.  You know how much he loved you and was always there to help and guide you. He would have done anything for you.  Hold onto that, and also the piece of him that still exists within you.

My deepest sympathy,

Paula Williams


was Torpedoed!

It was just past midnight in India when I got a call from my friend at Station KFMB in San Diego within hours after Corey’s accident at the Fontana Motor Speedway. I did not believe him when he first told me about Corey’s sad demise. I was working online as usual and just a few minutes ago I had the  IMC Marketing Tips Messenger Service pop up on my computer announcing Corey’s message ” I will Ship your Copy Today”.

Then reality sunk in, I went speechless, and completely numb. It’s taken me 3 whole days to be able to even power up my computer and log online. It all seems so unreal… just cannot image Corey’s passing away, he was so young and full of energy.

I guess, I am at least truly blessed to have met him back in 1998 just after he had started out with his Internet Marketing  and have some of his products with me though actually it was the passion for motor racing that bought us both together first.  After that I never got the chance to meet him personally again. He did invite me for his wedding last year, which I missed because of being in India during that time. I have been a subscriber to his newsletters for years now and recently also signed up as an affiliate. The last I communicated with him was on the 30th of May asking him for his opinion and interest in  doing  a JV for a new service that I am to launch in the next few days. Well it seems this was not destined to be. Wish I had the chance of knowing him better and spending more time with him.

Cory was amongst the first to realize and promote the usage of Autoresponders, then again his IMC Messenger was a groundbreaking non-intrusive alternative to conventional newsletters. I am almost certain he had more magic conjured in that excellent marketing intuitive mind of his which alas! now will never be delivered.  I will always remember Corey fondly as an amazingly inspirational and truly caring person. My heart goes out to his wife Tracy and other family members. The internet world has lost one of its precious jewels, and I a mentor and friend. I send my heartfelt condolences to Tracy and his family and staff.

We have a saying in India….. The soul never dies… We just discard one physical body and take up another…. Its like donning a new set of clothes. The soul is eternal… just as Corey will always be in the thousands of  minds and hearts of all he touched with his genius and un-bounding energy in everything he did in life.


Rohit A Paul.

Hi Ken, Like so many others, I went into a state of shock yesterday when I heard the news that Cory Rudl had been killed in a racing car accident.  Somehow he seemed so full of energy and enthusiasm, that I just expected that vitality to go on forever….

I’ve never met him – in fact I only became interested in the world of Internet Marketing about a year and a half ago, when I stumbled over some of his training materials and subscribed. Ever since, Cory has been a regular visitor to my email box, bringing lots of good information, recommendations and products.  As a ‘newbie’ I was skeptical about all the self-processed ‘experts’ out there selling their wares – but I quickly grew to trust and respect Corey’s recommendations.

I ended up taking his mentoring program last fall, and through that program talked frequently with several of the IMC staff, in particular my personal coach Ric …. I can well understand that they must all be in a state of complete shock. They have my sincere sympathy. My heart especially goes out to Tracy – I remember the emails and invitations regarding their wedding plans, etc., last year… it seems such a short time ago.  It’s impossible to console someone at such a tragic time: Tracy if you ever read this, just know that my thoughts and deepest sympathies are with you. My thoughts and prayers are with you Corey – and your wife, family and colleaques.  Rest in Peace. Evelyn Faye Petherick

Hi, I am very young in this business and have very little experience. My dad, though started a few websites at the beginning of this year when he lost his job. Corey really inspired us and helped us, though he didn’t even know. He was a mentor and showed people how successful the internet can be. He is/was really a GREAT marketer.

My best wishes to you, Tracy (by the way, you are really a great speaker) and to all the other people who knew Corey.

Juan Le Roux

I was working on the internet when an e-mail came in and I was shocked to hear that Corey was killed in an automobile accident. I remember when I first started using the internet, Corey was the only guy I was talking about…I can’t believe he’s gone. I know Corey will be missed and I am praying for his family. May God be with you in this hard time but remember the Lord will help you through this tragic time. Time does not erase all things and Corey will always be with you. Look to Jesus Christ and may God help us all who only knew him. I knew Corey through being an affiliate. He was quite the genius!!! Our heads are bowed, RJ Sampley

Indeed, it is a sad, sad time in the world of internet marketing, with the news of Corey’s death at the tender young age of 34. Upon first learning of the news, I had to confirm it with multiple sources, before I believed it. Although I knew Corey for only about five years, he had an extremely  profound influence on my life. I learned so much from him, with each and every encounter. When I needed a “boost” or a “kick-start”, the first source that I’d turn to was Corey. Whether it was one of his products, or reading something he wrote, or emailing/calling him, he never failed to instill renewed energy and enthusiasm in me, and then everything would just simply fall into place. He was truly a marketing genius and a great guy. I will miss him terribly, as will many, many others, but he will never, ever, be forgotten. I remember, at his wedding last summer to Tracy, thinking that I was so glad that he was getting married, finally having found his soul mate. My deepest condolences to Tracy, the Rudl family, and all the rest of the many, many thousands of people from all over the world who grieve over this terrible loss. Although he has passed from this physical world, he will forever live on, in the hearts and minds of the many thousands of those whose lives he touched upon, and, invariably, made better. As for me, I consider myself extremely fortunate and blessed to have known Corey, and for him to be a part of my life, although it was for far too short a time. Knowing him, and learning from him, has been a true blessing, one which I shall always treasure. It is some small comfort to know that Corey will “live on”, in the hearts, minds, words and actions to all of us whose lives he enhanced. I ask the rest of my peers to join with me in keeping Corey’s spirit alive, in all of our further endeavors in the internet marketing world, as well as our personal lives, and those we love. A verse from a new song by Eagles is very appropriate to this time and event: “There’s a hole in the world tonight. There’s a cloud full of fear and sorrow. There’s a hold in the world tonight, but Don’t let it be here tomorrow.” Ken Germann President & CEO, Kenetrix Technologies & Marketing, Inc.

I found out the news yesterday and still can’t seem to believe it. On the one hand it’s tragic news for a promising life cut so short. However, from a different perspective, look at what Corey achieved by the age of 34. He squeezed more into his lifetime that most people ever do. He was also wildly passionate about Internet Marketing and racing too. He also died living on the edge of life pushing the limits. He’s also left a fantastic legacy in the materials he’s left behind. He really created something from his life. Plus, he has touched so many people through the power of the Internet.

I never met Corey but had purchased some of his products such as the Insider Secrets course and the Ultimate Seminar DVDs. I valued the sage advice and the amount of practical tips he gave. Thank you Corey.

There are lessons in the story of Corey’s life for us all:

How far are you pushing your limits… today?

What will people say about you if you go… today?

What will you leave behind if you go… today?

What do you need to do to begin to make your life worthwhile… today?

Thank you Corey for the lessons you’ve taught in your life and death. Sincere condolences to your family and business partners too. I cannot begin to comprehend what you are going through right now.

Corey’s contributions to those of us striving to build an Internet business have been of value beyond measure.  I will forever be in his debt as the one person, more than any other, who inspired me through the years with his newsletters and products to keep on trying and not give up.  He will be missed, but never forgotten. Dan Dawson

To Those I Love And Those Who Love Me When I am gone, release me, let me go. I have so many things to see and do. You musn’t tie yourself to me with tears. Be happy we had so many years. I gave you my love and you can only guess how much love you gave to me in happiness. I thank you for the love you each have shown but now it’s time that I traveled on alone. So grieve a while for me if grieve you must. Then let your grief be comforted by trust. It’s only for a while that we must part so bless the memories in your heart. I won’t be far away for life goes on. So if you need me, call me and I will come. Though  you can not see me or touch me, I’ll be near and if you listen with your heart, you’ll hear all my love around you soft and clear. And then when you must come this way alone I’ll greet you with a smile and “Welcome Home”.
-Cheryl Gonzalez

Hi Ken,
Deeply saddened by the news of Corey Rudl accident that claimed 2 lives is an understatement. I didn’t know Corey but had heared he was a bright star in the sky of Internet Marketing. It’s beyond words really what to say to the relatives about someone you didn’t know and only heard about, but the loss is still earth shattering. I can only offer deepest condolences from over here in the UK and hope that his family are consoled by the fact that he touched so many people in so many ways. and I am sure will not be forgotten but will live on in spirit at least, and his works will be there forever. God bless to all his relatives especially his wife Tracey from over here in the UK. Regards LES

I just want to say I was in complete shock and disbelief when I checked my email and the very first message was about Corey’s accident. My prayers go out to Corey’s wife Tracy and his friends and family. I know it is not easy now but always remember that God can make good come from anything and as it says in Job 8:21 “God will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” Goodbye Corey, I will miss you. Allan Ingledue

Corey was THE best internet marketer and I, along with a countless number of entreprenuers, patterned everything we did after him. He was the epitome of a self-made millionaire and helped many others to do the same. I shouldn’t even use the word “helped” because I believe his strategies and company will live on and continue to help people — Corey would only want that.

My prayers go out to his wife Tracy, his family, friends, employees, and everyone else closely impacted by him. Life is valuable and precious and you never know when tragedy can strike. So it is important to live every day as though it were the last day and to have your life *right*.

Corey did in 34 years what most people have never done. I will always remember the person who helped me build my businesses and befriended me in a way that most other people of his status wouldn’t have. May God richly bless his family.

My condolences,
Jermaine Griggs


What a shock! I had the great pleasure to be part of a panel that included Corey at a Marketing Conference in the late ’90’s. He was fun, enthusiastic and full of information he was very willing to share with anyone who asked. Corey always ran his business in an ethical and honest manner – and was a pioneer in so many ways. My sympathies to his new wife Tracy, his family and friends. Corey is one of those people that once you meet you never forget.

Wendy McClelland
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

I, like everyone else, was in shock at the new of Corey’s death.  I am an IMC affiliate and a fan of Corey Rudl. The Internet Marketing Community will miss him tremendously. My condolences and heartfelt sympathies to his wife, Tracy, his family and associates of IMC.  I recently lost my Mom on March 24th and my Uncle on May 25th of this year, so I can  deeply relate to your grief.

Although no words can take away the sorrow you bear, may it be comforting to you to know that others care. God will help you through your loss and pain.  And know that we all hold you in our thoughts and prayers.

Shelby Carr

My most profound sympathy for the loss to Tracy and family and friends of Corey Rudl… He was a pioneer of pioneers…a ‘True Genius GURU ‘ who modestly never even hinted at claim to be one…a rare Gift of God lost forever. Those of us who were blessedly touched by Corey share a huge loss with Tracy. He use to answer my E-Mails personally when he first started to become well-known and still had time…with his first huge two-volume course which I’ll treasure forever.

Unfortunately his letters to me are lost too due to a server problem, danggit. But I’ll treasure his memory and help forever. I pray that Tracy and the staff will continue to promote Corey’s most-valuable work for benefit of everyone who desperately needs it. Best Wishes And God’s Blessings To You And Yours In Everything Always, Tracy…

Take care. Most Respectfully…
~ ED Cherney (Ohio-USA)

Thousands of p eople in all four corners of the planet are being shaken from their idleness.
Corey’s tragic final message of ‘take action now’… will  change our world into a better place…
  for Corey has both empowered us, and inspired us, to  ‘give something back’.

RIP Corey Rudl
“Money is great, but only money”   Angus Australia

By way of tribute I can add nothing to the marvelously eloquent words already expressed about Corey by students, fans, and friends alike. I will only add: Perhaps the greatest epitaph that can be said of any one of us – and especially in Corey’s case – is not what we took, but what we gave while here; that we made the world a better place. My challenge to all who read this: Life is all too short. Go and do likewise. Neil Shattles

Corey – A Tribute
He was Corey.
He was The Best.
He was our Hero.
He was The Man.
He had many a fan.
Like me, and many others.
He will be missed truly.
He showed us The Way.
The Way to Success.
The Way to Freedom.
But He has achieved we could not.
He worked hard, He worked a lot.
He was not a Man of Selfishness:
Putting others before Him.
For strangers He did not even know.
God decided He had done enough Good
And decided that it was time for Him to go.
He has achieved the best Success of All.
He acquired The Gift of Ultimate Freedom.
God has Blessed Him with Heaven.
This is not His End. Rather, His New Beginning.
May His Soul Rest in Peace.
Eternal, Forever Peace.
You’ll be in our hearts forever, Corey.
You will be missed.

To Corey’s Family, Friends, and Colleagues: All our Prayers are with you. Do not worry, Corey is Blessed with Heaven now. He’s Happy with God now. May He Rest in Peace.

Thanks again Ken.
Aamir Sajwani.

I couldn’t believe the news I recieved in my email box. It just didn’t feel real and still doesn’t. I never met Corey or even talked to him but through his wonderful work felt like I came to know him. I was really looking forward to the day I could thank him for making my life a success. He was so young for this tradgedy and I send my deepest sympathy to his wife and family. I personally look forward to a day when I will again see my loved ones on a paradise earth and look forward to meeting him in the future. Corey left behind so much for everyone, he will never ever be forgotten and his legend will live on each and every day in so many peoples lives. Not a day goes by where I don’t implement something from Coreys teachings and so to me he is still here with me In Australia in my computer room as I type this now. Rachel

I was saddened like many others across the globe to here of Corey’s untimely death and the bewilderment and pain his wife and family must feel. Their loss is ours too.
I had the privilege to meet him once and when I made eye contact it was clear he wanted to show others the possibilities.

It was not so much hot air but the real determination to help others to improve their lives.I could see it in his eyes.He passed away doing something he loved. How many of us in the world at large would have had misty dreams fade away across the background of daily toil and stress that is all so evident.

In realising his own vision people like this have helped others to dare to have their own hopes and dreams come.I am sure he had his critics. We all do.His contribution is tremendous and won’t fade.

“ Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves; ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’

Actually, who are you not to be? “

From Nelson Mandela’s Presidential Inauguration Speech

Christopher Ruane UK


I’m so sorry to hear the bad news.

When i heard about Corey on Saturday or maybe Friday – it’s put me into shock, really, so i can’t be sure of the time – i was deeply touched . My partner, who is not in this field, has been trying to tell me that this doesn’t matter, that someone else will take over and nothing will change. He doesn’t understand the impact Corey Rudl had on the net in general and on those of us who dealt with him in particular. I don’t think it would be too much to say that the shock value of Corey’s death is on a par with John Lennon’s, to internet marketers at least.

It’s not just a blow because i’m an affiliate and purchased his products. As you know, Corey made a point of making people on his mailing list feel we were his friends, even though most of us had never met him. And even though this was at least partly a business thing, he always came over as a really nice genuine caring guy and it hurts to hear that he has gone – no more to be said. Unbelievable – i’m actually in tears about someone i never even met.

I’m just so sorry to hear this – i can’t think of anything else to say but to ask you to pass my heartfelt condolences on to Corey’s wife Tracy and his close ones. There should be some comfort in the fact that he died doing something he loved.

To Corey’s wife and family: be strong, but don’t be afraid to grieve first. You need that, but one day the pain will go into the background and you will have to move on in your lives. Corey would have wanted you to. My thoughts are with you in your sorrow.

frann leach

Hi Ken,
It is indeed a sad day for me and other marketers worldwide to hear of
the passing of Corey Rudl. My Internet marketing career started when I
was exposed to his materials. It is a loss to all of us who have been
inspired by him.

My condolences to Tracy, family members and friends. Corey will always
be in our memory.

Richard Quek

Dear Ken
Thank you so much for your help in providing access to this Site to all of us who mourn the tragic passing of a very young and greatly talented man. I send my deepest sympathy to the wife and family of Cory and to all his many colleagues at the Internet Marketing Center.
I have greatly benefited from the products which I have purchased from IMC. Cory and his colleagues were always so helpful in their dealings with me. I am sure that I join a very large number who will miss Cory. He has left us, albeit far too soon, with much to remember and admire.
Sincerely Jill Lister (Birmingham UK)

Six hours before he died, Corey sent a mail to his friends and customers. Here is the first paragraph:

“Once I’m finished typing this e-mail, I’m crawling off to bed to sleep… I’m exhausted. (It’s about 4:30 a.m. and while I don’t normally drink coffee, I’m sucking back my third cup since midnight, and it’s not helping anymore…) “

He will be remembered as one of the original and great internet marketers as a conceptualist and action taking man. Also as a man who shared his wisdom and experience. My regards to his wife Tracy and his team.

A. Ortega, Chihuahua Mexico.

I simply don’t believe it was true, no, I don’t!!

I only heared his telephone talk on Tuesday, I just have been
listening his audio record on the internet — He is alive to me, I
can never forget his voice.

For years I’ve been reading his newsletters. How can I believe such
an internet marketing star will fall down, SUDDENLY?? I will not
accept the fact!

God will be with you, Rudl. God will be with your family too. Your
friend, and all the people who were benefited from you, will forever
remember you.

Yongmao Yu

My name is Wes White and I’ve known Corey for about 28 years. We both grew up in a small town called Carleton Place in Ontario Canada. It was there that we became friends at school by trading winter boots at recess. Time went by and we went from friends to a brotherly bond. Even when he educated himself at Western University and was building his empire on the other side of the continent we still had our bond. We had our fights as all friends did but we never stayed angry at each other for very long. We shared many dreams, laughs and tears together because Corey was a not only a very inteligent and savvy but compasionate too. I as eveyone else that knew Corey will miss him dearly. He is an angel now looking down on us all and watching out for us up there as he did while he was on earth. I thought I’d give a personal look at Corey from a young age to his final days. He never changed. Thank you for starting this page up. It is a wonderful tribute to an amazing person.


First, my condolences to Corey’s friends and family. I was shocked to find out about Corey’s death. He was so young and full of life.

I first heard of Corey and his wonderful product through my husband. He’d gotten an email from Corey inviting us to try one of his products. I was so interested in what Corey had to say that I ordered one of his packages. I haven’t regretted buying it. He gave me excellent ideas on how to start my own web site and improve on other businesses I started.

I liked listening to his conferences, what he had to say was so infectious and made people really listen to what he had to say. I don’t think there will be anyone as engaging as him. He will be missed.

Thank you,
Albert and Rachel Martin

I was shocked and saddened when I started reading my emails this morning
to hear about Corey Rudl. I checked and rechecked the news stories and the
emails, but by the time I read 10 or 15 of them, I realized it was true… the
man who influenced thousands, and maybe even millions was gone. A
shining star whose light had been put out, but it has not died…it is alive in
the heart and soul of each and every person that he helped.

So many were influenced, as I was, by the first purchase of his fantastic
program and followed along with his instructions setting up their web business.
Each of those people has influenced many more.

Yes Corey, your life may have ended, but your light will never go out….!!
Your death may even influence more people as they read the tributes that are
sent out to so many, many mailing lists.

My sincere sympathies to your family and friends in this sad time.

Fran Watson

My thoughts and sympathy go out to Tracy and the IMC team. I did not have the privilage of meeting Corey personally, but my wife saw him at Ron LeGrand’s customer appreciation event in Orlando last year. That prompted me to get involved in the Internet business, enrolling in the mentorship program.

We have experienced a HUGE loss.

Again, please accept our sincere condolences.

Ken and Charlotte Webb
Oviedo, FL

Dear Ken,

You do not know us and we do not know you but we all knew Cory. My fiancée had called Cory 2 or 3 days prior to the accident and we were planning to due a car rally run with him. Cory wanted to take a ride through the Julian mountains here in San Diego.

We are now going to try to make Cory’s wish come true.

Cory was not just a success in business but he was successful in bring people together. He will be sadly missed. He was and always will be a great man and friend.

Jeanette Chelew and David Rodriguez
“Cory, we drive for you now.”


I don’t work for IMC, I don’t know Corey Rudl personally and I
don’t even know if you will post my comment but that guy meant
something to me. Still, I had to make this comment because the
guy did make an impact in my life. He was inspiration to me.

I actually identified myself with him as I was going throught
the material of many internet marketers. I am roughly the same
age and I am also a car racing enthusiast. I like his style,
his no BS attitude, the fact that it seems he did it through
hard work and everything. I only whish I could be just one
ten of what it seemed to be.

Even from a stranger point of view Corey Rudl was an amazing
person, clearly outstanding from the croud.

I am really sorry for all of you who have known him, especially
for his wife.

Michel T, Montreal, Canada

I am absolutely shocked to hear the news. My first reaction was that
this must be a mistake. Corey is young, active and at the top of his
game. He is the reason I’m even in the Internet business. I bought the
first version of his marketing secrets course way back in 1999 and his
material literally got me started in my internet business. I had hoped
to actually meet him during one of his seminars but that is no longer

I would like to offer my deepest condolence to his wife and
family members. I know the best wishes from everyone in the world
won’t bring back your loved one but I just wanted you to know that
Corey has been instrumental in helping all of us and he has achieved
much more and helped more people in his 34 short years than 10 people
in their entire lifetime. Thank you very much, Corey. You have truly
given unselfishly to help us all. May you rest in peace…

Charles Tang
Penang, Malaysia

It saddens me to here that a dear friend has passed away. I knew Corey from Elementary and High School and we all knew then that he was destined to succeed in life. From his Motocross racing that he spent every moment perfecting to his business Fiero Plus that he worked every moment on while completing school he had devoted his time to succeed at everything he did.

It shocked me to hear of his passing, and only at that moment did I realise, that even though I hadn’t seen him in 10 years I still spoke of him to my friends. He was a great part of my life and I will always have my memories of him to carry with me. He was a great friend and I will never forget him. We will see each other again Corey. May God take care of you now.

My condolences to all his friends and family,
Brian Leitner
Cornwall, Ontario

Corey changed the lives of thousands of people, like me, all around the world. He knew how to turn an idea into money but nobody begrudged him that because he always seemed to care about each individual and he was genuinely interested in helping people. We all got our money’s worth. He gave us hope and self esteem. He encouraged us to try harder and he showed us that we could achieve whatever we wanted. Nobody can put a price on that.

I hope that you will be able to keep Corey’s business running and that nobody will end up out of work. I hope that it will continue to help people to achieve their dreams.

Best Wishes,

Martin T. Pickering

Dear Ken,

I guess I am just one of the many who was blown away by the news. Cory’s drive commitment and leadership in his field positioned him, at 34 at the top of the tree. Whether you followed what he preached or not, there was no denying that he knew his stuff and was passionate about giving information to his audience. I don’t think that the money was the key for Cory – by the look of things that was really not an issue for him in the last few years – it was spreading the message.

The key to Cory’s success was that he not only believed in what he told us all, he lived the life and proved that it was successful. So what that he was actually using all of us as guinea pigs for the testing and new products he brought out into the market. Once he had found out from us what worked, he then told us and let us do it ourselves.

He taught us that anyone can do this stuff and make it work.

Anyone coming into the field now, who has not had the opportunity to interact with Cory will be at a significant disadvantage.

OK, he died doing something he loved, but let’s face it 34 is too early to go. It is simply not natural for parents to bury a son and for a wife who has been married for such a short time to bury a husband. There are a lot of people grieving at the moment and that’s what we really need to focus on. We may all find new gurus to help us in our worlds, Cory’s family will never find another Cory.

I wish you all a long life.

Richard Kohn

I found out about Corey in the summer of last year and at first was a bit spectical. Since then I have bought the inside secrets and stayed up to 2am to join a converance call with Corey. I am just starting to get hold of the web fever. Corey is a legend in internet marketing and will be a great lost. I have been reading the thoughts on your site and amazed the amount of thoughts from the Uk. We all respect Corey and his work and may he rest in peace.
Alistair McCrone

Hi Ken

Thanks for giving us all the opportunity around the world to grieve for a very special man. My thoughts go out to Tracy, none of us can understand the grief you must be feeling.

Corey has been an inspiration to me for years, and I’m glad to have been associated in a very small way with his genius.

Durban, South Africa

Dear Ken,

Corey was such a positive influence on all of our lives. We will miss
him forever. He was one great man, who always helped others.
Blessings to all of his family, and in particular to his lovely bride.
I remember the day I got the invitation to attend thier wedding, he
shared everything he had and was with us all. The world will always
remember his gifts to us all, some people have a way of touching lives
throughout the world. May he eternally rest in peace, as he was a
peace giver to us all, and it was a blessing to share a part of his

Best regards,
Dana Dudley
President and Founder
Applied BioPhysics Foundation

Hi Ken,

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to express our thoughts.

I was also deeply saddened when I heard of Corey’s tragic death. I searched everywhere hoping to find that there had been a mistake, that it was not Corey. Alas, I now have to accept that it is indeed true.

I started out on the Internet in the mid-nineties when Corey was one of the few people to turn to. I learned from his newsletters, (some copies of which I still have in my files) and from his course. Corey’s was the first affiliate program I joined and like so many people, I feel like I knew him as a close friend even though I only saw him once when he came to the UK for a seminar.

My thoughts go out to you Tracy, and to Corey’s parents and sister. Knowing how deeply sad this has made me feel, I can hardly imagine how devasting this sad loss must be to you all. Try to take strength from the vast love and respect that we all in the Internet Community have for Corey.

His zeal and enthusiasm will live on in us forever.

Corey we miss you and love you. You showed us that anyone can achieve their dreams and you showed us that by being honest and sincere you can achieve even more and overcome anything.

Rest in peace. Trevor Greenfield – UK


I had never met Corey in person, and only got to know about him relatively recently. My life had been in the dumps in all directions for many years and I felt like a real failure. But I listened to his promotional web casts and visited his sites many times.

I realized very quickly, that this was a truly great man and I do not use the term loosely. To put it simply, I had tried virtually everyone else spending thousands of dollars in the process and come up with a big fat zero. With Corey, I subscribed, and bought his products and they provided what they promised.

I interacted with his organization quite a lot- Mark, Jarret, Marriette, Kim, Evan and all the others. I listened and learned and they and he gave me hope –real hope.

I had grown seriously sceptical by then but the positive energy and professionalism underpinned by a delivery of cutting edge knowledge gave me the certainty that he and his organization are truly special and wonderful.

Since then I have become a dedicated follower of IMC. I have taken Corey’s loss very personally and it had even shaken my religious conviction. It has been a nightmare weekend for me, I can only guess at what his wife and family as well as his friends and colleagues at IMC must be going through.

But, what I would say is this: Corey had the foresight to establish a company and an infa-structure to teach his best and brightest the special skills and insights into genuine cutting edge e-marketing technology. They will continue to spread that knowledge through out the e-marketing universe.

Finally to Corey: We never met, but I was in awe not only of your genius from day1 but also of you as a person. What you have given to us all goes far beyond what we can contemplate today. You were by far the greatest e-marketer in internet history. The best of the best. I will pray for your soul tonight because you became a member of my family.

God Bless,

Graham Sifflet

Hi Ken Calhoun,

My name is Jean Lam and I just learnt about Corey Rudl’s passing away.
I know Corey for being an affiliate of his and I am deeply shocked and
grieved. I have written a few words in memory of this unique marketer
and great man. Please post it on your site and thanks for putting this
site up in memory of Corey Rudl.

I have recently learnt about Corey Rudl’s passing away and I am deeply
shocked to hear this tragic news and it’s with a big sorrow as well. I
feel a real heaviness in my heart and I still can’t believe what happened.

I have always been inspired by Corey, his achievements and I admired
and respected him and all that he has done for the Internet marketing
community. And it has always been a pleasure to work with his company
as an affiliate.

Corey, you were the star that illuminates this Internet marketing world
with your ideas, insights, vision and pure genius. You are unique and will
always be in our memories and greatly missed.

All my condolences and deepest sympathies to his wife, family members,
friends, staff and associates. May God help you all in these hard times.
All our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Jean Lam

I read a book by Clyde Reid, I think, Celebrate the Temporary. Corey was able to live life to the fullest, and his tragic passing made me immediately think of how life, as we know it to be, is Temporary. Corey, was a Mentor, an internet genious, and a person that had time for everyone, at whatever level they were at. A true person of Integrity. The lives he touched are beyond numbers. He was instrumental in changing thousands of lives, through his works and seminars. He had such a grasp of Life, and of living, that it is hard to believe his journey is over. As we remember Corey, let us all, in our own little worlds, remember to take time, to reach out and touch somebody, in some way, that might change their lives forever, as Corey did daily.

He will be dearly and deeply missed, and I am glad, that in His own temporary Life, he touched mine, because he took the time to share with the world, his affiliates, and colleagues, the deepness of his own personal desire to help as many people as he could, to change and embrace life, with a fullness and challenge that only Corey could do, and as he reached out and touched all of us, may his spirit continue to climb, and encourage each of us, in our own daily walk. He was one special, unique and gifted man.

Steve Sanborn

Hi Everyone,

I didn’t know Corey, but knew of him….like the rest of the world…..
I will miss his brilliance………

My best to family and friends…….

Gary Small
Vancouver, Canada

My prayers and condolences to Corey Rudl’s family. I
was inspired by the young man he chose as his personal
apprentice. Revealed a heart that cared and believed
in others. He helped a lot of people. He will be

California, USA

Hi Ken, Corey’s passing is a tragic loss and I send my condolences both personally and on behalf of YEO ( young entrepreneurs organization ). Corey had a “two feet in” approach to life and was truly someone who was more interested in what he could give than receive.

My heart goes out to his family. Nothing can bring him back, but the memory of Corey and the passion he applied to everything he did is an example for all of us to live by.

John Murphy

I’d spent all day Saturday 4 June, here in Queensland, Australia, going through the CDs, booklets and manuals in Corey’s Insider Secrets course. I’d made pages and pages of notes and was so caught up in the excitement of his words that I broke my weekend rule against working on the computer, and thought I’d just check emails …

Then I heard the news about the accident, and although I’ve never met Corey, I’ve been a customer, a subscriber and an affiliate since 1998, and I felt a sense of loss that took me by surprise.

I suppose it’s because Corey’s enthusiasm in his videos, audio presentations and writing is so infectious … you really feel as if he’s talking just for you.

We’re all poorer for his passing.

Vale, Corey Rudl.

Jennifer Stewart

Brisbane, Australia

Today I read emails from my IM friends, first with disbelief and
then with shock, of the passing of Corey. It seems like just
yesterday that I passed on my best wishes to him and his new
bride Tracey.

Corey was indeed a shining light in the dawn of Internet
Marketing. Those of us who benefited from his knowledge and
friendship will hold an everlasting debt of gratitude.

Karen and I offer our deepest condolences to Corey’s family and

Randy Justason
New Brunswick, Canada

Hi Ken,
It has taken me a couple of days to get this email
formed in my mind, due to the fact that my mind has
been so shocked by the news of Corey Rudl’s death.
I have purchased a number of products from Corey over
the years. Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity to
meet him in person. I will hold that meeting someday in
God bless his family, and the family of Ben Keaton.
My heartfelt empathy goes out to all of them.
Know this: He lived life to the fullest, and he died
doing what he loved. Even though to most of us it seems
like such a tragedy, I only wish I could have my end
come, doing something I love.
He will be missed, but most assuredly never forgotten.
Not by his family, nor by his “internet family”, as most
of us that knew him have grown to feel like we were a
part of his family.
A truly great man, and a good man.
He will be missed.
God Bless,
Ed Mudge

Hello Ken,

I am deeply impressed by your dedication in a tribute to Corey. As one of his former employee, I would like to share some of my thought about Corey to the others on your site. Could you please help in posting the following on the website ?

Many thanks,
Alan Au

t’s still very difficult to believe that Corey has just passed away in a car accident one or two days ago.

I recall what I know about Corey: a leader with endless ideas, an adventurer who loves trying out these ideas and definitely a brilliant director who always have a long-term vision. Corey definitely had his own style on managing his business, and he was generous enough to share his background and viewpoints among his employees. Being a young and successful entrepreneur, he works hard and never lay back. Corey totally deserves what he owns and possesses today.

I also remember a phrase from one of his interviews with us. It is vaguely like this: “… not only that I want you to understand how I operate the business, but also I want you to tell yourself that you’ve learned something valuable from me if you’ll happen to move on to some other job opportunties in the future…” Thank you Corey, I did learn something valuable from you as one of your former employees.

My sincere condolence to your family. You’ll definitely be missed, Corey.

Los Angeles, CA

Dear Ken,

Just like any other marketers, I was not
spared from this sad reality that the man
who had thought me on marketing had left
us in South East Asia.

Still in a daze, I woke up one morning
and received a message from Mr Perry
Marshall about the fatal accident that
involved one of the most astonishing
Internet Marketing Guru – Corel Rudl.

I didn’t numb a second and quickly post
his entire message on my site for many
to know and give their tribute to Corey Rudl…

He’s gone, but his IMC legacy still alive….

Marzlan Michael Arzl

I bought Corey’s Marketing Tips 2004 course last December and was expecting another slick presentation from which I might glean a microbe of useful information. No more than 30 seconds into the first DVD, I was hooked — and Corey became my mentor, tho he never knew I existed.

The odd thing is he and I began our first Internet efforts about the same time and encountered pretty much the same problems. The difference was I put mine on the shelf because I couldn’t find solutions; Corey, perhaps because he was 20 years younger and more determined, stuck with it. And, when a solution couldn’t be found, he created one. When I came back, almost a decade later, I found solutions to all the problems that had sent me away in the first place at Corey’s website. And in that course, I found more than I could even begin to absorb.

I’ve been seriously considering updating to the newly released version, but first wanted to see Corey in person, here in Las Vegas. There was an event scheduled for a couple of months ago that was canceled at the last minute (I later found out he wasn’t coming himself, anyway, and would have been terribly disappointed). Then word came that it had been rescheduled and it appeared he might do this one himself. It was scheduled for 4 June — yesterday.

The last message I got with Corey’s name on it (sent out to everyone on his list, of course) seems terribly poignant, especially considering the date I received it — 1 June. It was about that new course and began:

“Once I’m finished typing this e-mail, I’m crawling off to bed to sleep… I’m exhausted. (It’s about 4:30 a.m. and while I don’t normally drink coffee, I’m sucking back my third cup since midnight, and it’s not helping anymore…)”

While I never had the chance to meet him in person, I quickly concluded, from his DVDs, that Corey was a very special sort of person. His presentation was anything but slick — it was human. This was not a man reading from a carefully crafted script, but a man having a conversation with a few friends he had invited into his home, so excited by what he had to say that sometimes his quick mind and excitement got the better of his tongue, which just couldn’t keep up. But that just made him all the more likable — along with the sense that this was a happy man, a man who had achieved so many of his goals and dreams — but always managed to find news ones for himself and those of us who were fortunate enough to discover him, hopefully learn from him.

To say he will be missed is one of the greatest understatements of all time. To say he will be remembered . . . yes, he will — not as an Internet marketing icon, but as a friend and mentor to thousands of people he never met but nonetheless touched deeply.

JR Wilson

I knew Cory when he was a teen living in Carleton Place, near Ottawa, Ontario Canada.
His parents and my first wife and I attended the same church and got to know each other. The children were around but, as teens, ‘doing their thing’.

At that time Cory was involved in Moto Cross racing and did very well, winning some National Championships, as I recall.

Time passes. Children grow up and make their own way; my wife and I separated and divorced; I eventually moved from Ontario to this Blessed Isle; the Rudls senior moved to British Columbia. One loses touch. However, my ex wife did maintain a relationship with the Rudls and I would get posts periodically from one of my sons about what Cory was up to.

Having lost our oldest son at 41 in a tragic traffic accident at Easter of 2004, I do know what the family is going through.

Time will heal some of the pain but a hole in one’s life remains.

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”, (John Lennon, White Album).

My thoughts are with you all and with his family.

John Stinson

Dear Ken,

I received an email from a friend that had a little email from Dr. Joe Vitale on the passing of Corey Rudl. Needless to say I thought that it was a very cruel joke until I followed the link to Yahoo’s news site. Corey wrote the very first Internet Marketing book that I’ve ever read. He made it sound so simple that it made me guilty by just sitting there and still reading it.

It’s a great shame and loss that he had to go the way and time that he did … and he is and will always be missed dearly. I would like to say thank you to him though for all the great things that he has set me on by just reading his book. I do send out my thoughts, prayers and love to him, his widow Tracy, his family and all his friends, students, colleagues etc around the world. We are better for having gotten the chance, no matter how small, to have known such a beautiful soul.

Thank you Corey … you still light the way with your life and legacy.


Kenneth Christopher Lim
– Malaysia

“Be grateful at all times because sometimes when you hold out for everything … you walk away with nothing.”

The Internet’s a funny place.
It’s high tech, highly automated and enigmatic.
One person has managed to transcend that.
Of course I speak of Corey Rudl.

Sure, he was a master of this technological medium, but he also put HIMSELF into his business.
He managed to combine professionalism, dedication and credibility with the human touch.
I’ve never met Corey in person, but little did I know that he had such a profound effect on me.
Thank you to those that made the effort to put the word out, otherwise we may never had known of the loss.
Many thanks to you Ken. Again, I don’t know you either, but thanks for providing this forum for us.

When I read my emails, I was stunned with disbelief. I thought it had to be some sort of a hoax.
I sat in my chair with my trusty laptop and was overcome with emotion and grief.
I just cried.
Corey and I have never met, but I cried as if I had lost my best friend.
What was happening to me?
“What now?” I thought.
“What are we going to do now?”
“He can’t leave! He’s only just begun. He just got married. Why did he have to go?”

Princess Diana
Corey Rudl
Do you remember where you were when you heard the news?

Corey was on the leading edge of discovery. He was living his dream and helping others get on the road.
He was a “no bull”, “real deal” sort of a guy.
Test everything! Try it and test it! No bullshit. If it didn’t work, keep refining. Keep testing.Do your best.

My fondest memory is when he invited me to his wedding.
He invited the WHOLE WORLD to his wedding!
I wish I could have come. I know it would have been great. It’s a long drive from Down Under though!

We are all richer for his contribution, but the internet community is a lot poorer for his loss.
There’ll never be another Cory Rudl but his legacy will live on.


Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts.
My heartfelt condolonces to his wife and family.

Joe Jutrisa
Sydney, Australia.

Ken, a million thanks for coming up with this tribute site to the incomparable Corey Rudl.

First and foremost, my heartfelt condolence to Corey’s widow, families and friends.

As one of the IMC’s earliest affiliates, and a ‘veteran’ who had been spellbound by Corey’s brilliance since the last millennium, the news came as a total shock, and a ‘rudl’ awakening for me. Life is indeed very fragile. But we tend to forget that the real meaning of life is to leave a positive mark on this earth. Corey Rudl had definitely done that and more.

In order to succeed in life, we all need a hero and an inspirational figure. Tiger Woods, Michael Schumacher, Roger Federer, etc. Corey Rudl was one of the heroes. He had inspired and touched so many people around the world, including myself.

Corey was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a special guest speaker at a seminar entitled “Making Millions thru the Internet” almost five years ago. I did not have the privilege (or money) to attend the seminar as it was held on the other side of Malaysia, but I heard from most participants that even at a young age of 29, he was an awe-inspiring speaker and motivator. Ironically, one of my goals was to ‘entice’ Corey to come to Borneo to speak at a conference or seminar. Alas, that will never happen.

To me, Corey was ‘the’ role model to my e-business endeavour. Back in 1997 when I was still young (and broke), and the Net was still raw, there was hardly any young Internet marketing guru and self-made online millionaire around that you can truly look up to or learn from. Corey’s arrival at the Internet marketing scene was therefore, a blessing. Without him, I (and many others) wouldn’t have got started in web business.

Somehow, I believe that Corey Rudl’s legacy will live on even after his untimely demise. Like John Lennon, Princess Diana or Elvis Presley, I suspect that a lot of netrepreneurs will tend to remember where they were or what they were doing when they heard the news of Corey’s passing. He will long remain an Internet business icon.

Thank you Corey Rudl for making a difference in my life.

Richard T. Koh

Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

I was completely and utterly devastated when I heard the news about Corey. I am still in shock!

I remember when I first met Corey in 1999 when he ventured downunder to share all he knew about internet marketing. Corey was so excited, talking nineteen to the dozen, and my brain was having a hard time keeping up with him. At the end of the 2 day seminar the organizers announced that Corey was taking personal consultations. I jumped at the chance to meet with him. What he shared with me turned my brochure like website into a profitable site earning hundred of thousands of dollars.

Then last year, when he had his wedding event, I decided to make the trip from Sydney as he was so excited about the event and everyone meeting Tracey, who could resist? Once again being part of the wedding event, not only was I able to have a drink with both Corey and Tracey and congratulate them but also I had the opportunity to thank Corey for everything he had done for me with my wealth creation endeavours .

Corey was a marketing genius in the true sense of the word and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for sharing his knowledge and guidance so enthusiastically.

My heartfelt condolences to Tracey, the Rudl Family and all at the Internet Marketing Center .

With deepest sympathy

Susan Sparkes, Sydney , Australia


I don’t know you personally, or even Corey for that matter, but reading these messages has touched my heart, as the news of Corey’s death “kicked me in the stomach” when I first heard about it from Ewen Chia, some days ago now. It still seems unreal, as I have followed his newsletters for the last two years in my research to set up my first business.

At first I thought it was some joke like many other’s, an internet “guru” taken from us in his midst of his finest work…what more would he have taught us?

In the last few minutes I have just take possession of the Insider’s Secret 2005 course that was travelling from his offices to my destination in the UK, whilst he departed from us.

Opening the box, and even being a man, made me quite emotional, as my thoughts drifted to him and his picture in my hand. To think that what I have in my hands is my first and his last Course written by him personally. Needless to say I am proud to have spent my money upon it at last, just days before his untimely death, and I have every intention of honouring his death by applying this knowledge, HIS KNOWLEDGE to my internet businesses….

Please pass on my condolences to his family and friends and IMC (thanking them that even in this difficult situation, I still received my goods) – you guys are really amazing as I did not even think my order had been processed. I just wish I had gotten around to being able to attend a US seminar whilst he was alive…..but his works will go on I am sure….

Like another good man I admired around his death too Elvis…. I am sure that the legacy of Corey Rudl will be around for many years to come…..and undiscovered treasures still to be unfolded upon this unity of an internet marketing world…..we are united in your lost Corey, may you rest in peace.

Gary Watson
Lincolnshire – United Kingdom

Hi Ken

My sincere condolences to Corey´s wife, Tracy, his family and associates of IMC.

I can not claim to have ever met or spoken to Corey, but I have emails going back over five and a half years bearing Corey´s name.

Corey was the first Internet entrepreneur that I respected and followed, always wanting to learn from him, find out how he motivated others, maybe hoping that some of his talent would rub off on me!

And I guess it did in a small way, it allowed me to have the courage to stick with a business that most of my friends said was crazy, would never make money!

It wasn´t easy going, mistakes were made time and time again that cost me money. But every time when I was getting close to quitting another email would land in my box with more words of wisdom from Corey or his team, right up to his last one a few days ago…

Thanks Corey, you kept me going in the hard times, you will be missed…


Phil Horsepool


I knew Corey for quite some time when I worked for him. We started back in
1997-98 with just a few people around on granville and 1st in vanc I think
from what seemed like a 2 br condo. It’s amazing how fast he growed.
A Marketing guru indeed. He loved racing more then anything. My true
condolences go to him, his family and his company. A truly unique man
with unique perspective.

RIP Corey, and maybe we meet up in heaven again.


Alex Pavlovic

I stand stunned, saddened and shocked………..with a tear to my eye,
in prayer and thought.

Life is a strange tool it often takes the very best of us early, but unless they have greatly achieved themselves within their time frame and been willing to teach the rest of us, we would never know that.

So let this be a good lesson….or better still; a great one, a standard of achievement, a goal post to learning that we could all aim for now, in honouring his name.

May your God whom ever he is Corey…Go with…..and embrace you.

Lest we forget….Thank you Corey.

If a man write a better book, preach a better
sermon, or make a better mouse trap than
his neighbour, tho’ he build his house in the
woods, the world will make a beaten path to
his door.
attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Byron Welch
Hertfordshire UK
Always a willing student of those able and willing to teach.

As we each morn the passing of Cory Rudl, I would like to share a poem…

Epitaph (an exercise of introspection)
By Mitch Whitaker

What the body has lent the soul has borrowed.
With every last breath spent, I take my leave in sorrow.

Do not weep at my departure, for I live in your memory.
Tis you who have quit my capture; only I am absent of the sensory.

I fought to be an individual, now I wish the same of thee.
I don’t believe the physical can bring an end to me.

Through my life I have sought the many secrets of happiness.
If I leave you with one thought, only this would prove most timeless:

“For age and wisdom has bought this rapture of truth that no one can be in contempt;
defeat cannot be found in failure, because victory is borne from the attempt.”

God be with you Cory. Sincere condolences to all of your family and friends.

Alfredo Di Pasquale

Always your student in marketing

He is a paragon for lots of us – forever.
My sincere condolences to his wife, family and friends.

Tibor Angler – a subscriber of his newsletter from Hungary

Hi Ken
I am a subscriber to your newsletter,Its so great of
you to have that website to honnor the great guy I
never met but I have seen him through his courses an
DVD’s..I am still in stage of a chock like all peoples
who knews “corey’s”.. My sympathy and condolences to
his family and staff..

I am a unactive affiliate with corey’s..Its really sad times for all of us,I felt the
goospumbs in all my body and I coulden’t stay on my
computer when I heared the sad news on sunday..He will
be missed.My thought and prayer to his family and his
widdow and staff..trully from the heart.

ahmed mohamed

Thank you, Ken, for this memorial site.

Due to some reasons, I never got around to be one of Corey’s customers but I remain on his subscriber list for years and have enjoyed every email he sent me. I guess I won’t be receiving them anymore now.

My hearfelt condolences to his wife Tracy, the other members of Rudl family, the IMC staff members, his friends and associates. We all are going to miss him.

Kris Othman, Malaysia.

Hi Ken

Thanks for arranging this fitting tribute to Corey, it is the least he deserves.

Like most people on this site i never had the privilege of meeting corey, but somehow i felt i knew him, such was the impact he had on people’s lives, how else can i explain the sick feeling i had in the pit of my stomach when i heard the news last week. He touched the lives of so many directly and indirectly that we will probably never know the true number around the world ,who if we could turn the clock back would probably have just liked to have been able to say ‘thank you’ to him.

Words seem so inadequate at a time like this, but if there is any comfort his family can take from this tragedy is that Corey has left behind a legacy that will live on in the lives of so many, something very few of us will ever come close to achieving.

Geoff (UK)

Hi Ken, great site to honour a great man. Thanks for puting it together, Andy

I was one of Corey’s 70,000+ affiliates, though a rather new one. I have never made any money from selling his products, but still promoted them, knowing that the products would help others get ahead.
I still hope to be able to buy many of them for my own use in the future.

That being said Corey was of the 2 internet marketing “gurus” who I truely respected without question (the other is Ken Evoy). It wasn’t due to the potential of earning money selling his products, but because of the amount of quality information he gave me, totally for free.

Thousands of people have become hugely successful because of his teaching, and this is a tragic loss to the internet marketing community.

Yesterday (Friday) after he died, I received an email from him, with more information to help me succeed online. That is the power of the sales and marketing techniques he promoted, even after passing away.

I truely hope his teaching becomes immortal

Andy Beard


Im still shocked and saddened by the news of
Coreys passing.

He touched my life by teaching me with his enthusiasm,
and his passion and enjoyment of success.

Ive watched him for hours on his videos, and feel like
I knew him. He’s touched so many, and truly was the BEST
at the internet marketing game.

My heartfelt sympathy to his wife, extended family, and to
his business and personal friends.

He will be sorely missed.

A Friend on the net,

Stephen Stavropoulos

Hello Ken,

Thanks for allowing us to share sentiments about this incredible marketing genius Cory Rudl.

I too am a minor affiliate of the Internet Marketing Center and truly enjoyed Cory concern for the “little” guy. He always made me feel like I was a part of his mastermind group and just as important as the heavy hitters. This is quite a valuable characteristic.

His loss is as personal to me as if I had actually met him. (unfortunately I never did) Interestingly enough I was just talking about him with a friend over the Memorial Day holiday. My friend had just gotten the “KIT” from Cory and didn’t even know he was. So I began to explain to him how young and successful he was and my entire family was impressed!

When I said I’m also one of his affiliates they really took note of my words. It made me feel proud to be associated with such a “Giant” in the industry.

My deepest condolences and prayers are with his family.


Kevin Lankford

When I first heard of the tragic death of Corey, I, like many was so shocked and it did not sink in right away. When it did finally sink in I started to cry. I did not know him since I never met him personally, but he was a true genius in my eyes. He will be greatly missed by many. I feel there will be no one like him again. He was one of a kind.

Life is certainly precious and we all should live our lives to the fullest. On May 22, 2005 my husband lost a dear friend over in IRAQ. My husband and this guy were in The National Guards in Butler, PA. Carl was killed while providing security outside of an IRAQ police station when a car that appeared to be a taxi exploded and killed him.

I will be one of the first ones to admit that I took life and my friends and family for granted. I have decided to live life to the fullest and not take anything for granted.

None of us in this world are guaranteed tommorrow, so we should not take life for granted.

Goodbye Corey
You Will Be Missed

Tina B
Butler, PA

Hi Ken,

Thankyou for providing this opportunity to pay tribute to our mentor, Corey.
The news is shocking, words fail me.
I am a new student in the mentorship program, and have not met Corey or any of you.
I am impressed with many aspects of his organization, and it is obvious that he was a
man of many talents and gifts.
Those of you who have been chosen to carry on his work,
are fortunate to have had such a wonderful model and mentor, and your greatest tribute will
be just that, to carry on his work.
There is no way to avoid the pain of grief, only to walk through it, and I pray that each of you
will find a greater purpose in this life as a result of the gifts he has given all of us. Without pain
we cannot grow.
Tracy, parents, associates and friends of Corey……may God’s Peace and Hope find you
where you are and comfort you through this painful time.

” God comforts us not to make us comfortable but to make us comforters”
Karen Grisham
Salem, Oregon

Hi Ken,

My sympathy and condolences go out to Tracy, Ken’s widow and everyone associated with IMC on this sad, sad day.

I have been an affiliate of IMC for about 10 years. I was always intrigued by the manner in which Corey ran IMC. His honesty and integrity stood out in his correspondence. His business acumen, as we all recognized, was outstanding.

From Corey I developed the determination and push to venture where I had no experience. To Corey I owe my plunge into business on the Internet.

Corey, I’ll never forget you.

Steve Johnson


Hi Ken, (Please see note to you at bottom of email.)

My heart goes out to the family and friends of Corey Rudl.

I never met the man, nor have I had the money to purchase any of his best tools. I did review a few and they were well worth the price, but as an older widow with a mortgage almost equal to the SS income, I have to limit spending or not eat.

Ken, you say you have never lost anyone close. I have. My oldest brother’s wife and I are the only family members left (in this generation) of both my and my husband’s family.

It is always a shock, whether it is a family member or just someone you admire for their fine qualities, as we all did Corey. It is even harder to know that it was not a peaceful departure.

I was the youngest of four children, spread out over a 16 year period. At 15 I was the only one living at home to care for my mother for the last month that she was home. She lived only four days after the doctor put her in the hospital.

When we received the call that she was gone my father fell completely apart. I had to notify the rest of the family scattered over two states and my youngest brother who was in the Army, serving in Korea.

The tribute from Cheryl Gonzales is so true. I only wish that I had known these truths when my dear mother passed on.

Up to that time I had always been an active Church member. I blamed God for taking my mother from me. I turned my back on Him completely and didn’t set foot inside a Church for many years. My grief lasted for almost 20 years.

Please, Tracy, don’t let this happen to you and your family, nor to your friends family.

God is right there with all of you. Just ask, and He will comfort you.

When my beloved husband passed on ten years ago I had no other family here in Arkansas. It was after 11 on a Thursday night. I called one of my stepsons in New York State and asked him to call his brother.

He explained that they wouldn’t be able to leave there until after work on Friday, but they would be here as soon as they could. Having more than one driver they were able to cover about 1500 miles and get here about 10 PM Saturday.

I was practically a zombie, but this time I prayed. I asked God to let John stay with me, at least until the boys could get here.

Note to Ken: This is all completely true and realizing that the ones we love are really still with us for as long as we need them may be a big help to others. They are no longer in a mortal body, but their spirit can communicate with our spiritual self.

Imogene Bell

Thanks to Corey for all he gave to the Internet Marketing community. His
tips and ideas were shared all over the world. He showed us what we could
do with an idea. I attended his seminar and wedding reception last fall
and his recent San Diego seminar. He made me believe I can do it. I can
set up a site and sell my idea. My site launched last week and I was going
to send him a message letting him know what an inspiration he was for this
60-something internet newbie. I did it Corey! Thanks!

God Bless Tracy and family.
I am so sorry for your loss.
We loved him too and we know it hurts.
May God keep you strong and in his loving hands.

Joan Clout-Kruse

Corey Rudl was the king of kings, in a kingdom of sharks, he was a big ole’ fun-loving fish. His enthusiasm was contagious and genuine and warm…no….HOT!

Everybody loved him.

Man, oh, man. It hurts to lose him.

It was about this time I lost my own daughter, age 16, in a violent car crash. She was crushed beneath a truck. The two year anniversary is on June 18th.

This loss reminds me how special we all are to each other–and yet we fail to tell one another how much they mean to us.

Love up your friends and business associates. Rememer Corey Rudl when you want to chase a dream. Nobody but nobody did it better.


Now, in the Sky, a new Angel is born. He’s a marketing specialist. So,
everybody will be able to “call” him directly.

Corey is his name.

Dear friend,

A song is yours now: ” I’m on my way the freedom land “.

You always been my favorite teacher, the first one who show me
the need to be able to communicate in english, the one who gave
me the faith in me, in my own potential.

Each day now, I “feel” you are here, with me, available to help
me more than ever. I can listen you in my inner ear.

Hoping to meet you in this Freedom Land.

Thank you Corey, thank you for all.

Sylvie Laflamme

Hi Ken

We’ve never met, but last week I received Corey’s DVD set “Accelerated Internet Wealth” Seminar, and you were on them, so I feel I at least “know” you. Our common link of course is Corey.

I have bought all of Corey’s products over the last year and a half, except AssocTrac, which I will obtain soon. He has so inspired me over that period that I had started an internet-based business and 5 weeks ago quit my “day job” even though the venture has not yet started to make money.The day he passed from us I had sat up till 2am devouring every minute of this inspirational set of discs. I didn’t know at that stage what was happening on your side of the pond. I went to bed exilherated because I “knew” that my business would now take off. Much to my wife’s despair I woke her up to tell her how much I was buzzing after watching the DVD, but I couldn’t go to sleep without sharing my excitement with her. Such is the effect that Corey had and will continue to have.

I felt sick when I got the email the following morning, and still can hardly believe the “news” – I am still tearful as I write this. Corey had become a big part of my life even though we had never met. I could’t afford to come to the US to his wedding event last year, and I feel very sad that I missed the opportunity to shake the man’s hand and thank him for all he has done for me. Tracey, his family and colleagues must be devastated. But it is the mark of the man that this morning I received a followup support mail from his company on an issue I raised last week.

It is appropriate that as I write this – right at this very minute – Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto No 2 in F, the middle (slow) movement – has just started on the stereo. It is a sad, reflective, but incredibly beautiful piece of music.

I feel deeply envious of you, Ken, and so many others who had the honour of meeting and talking with Corey Rudl. I missed that opportunity, and will never have it again. His light was extinuished far too soon.

My heart and my thoughts go out to Tracey and his family, and to those of you – and there must be many – whose lives have been directly influenced by knowing Corey Rudl. I didn’t, but my life is no less influenced and impacted by him.

God Bless You, Corey. Sleep Well.

With Love from Steve Thompson

My Father died when I was only 12. My Grandma died when I was 13. One of my Grandpa died when I was 16, and less than a year after that my other Grandpa died. I have gone through funerals and experienced grief. So when I heard Corey passed away, although I’m sad, I can’t grieve.

Why? Because I realize the only people who grieve are the ones who were left behind. They grieve because they could never see Corey in this life again. While Corey….well….he’s looking forward to a new life in the new world where he can have so much more fun without having to do anything. He can hit the top speed on the “Heaven Speedway” all day long!!! Imagine how happy he is with his new life, a world without war, a world without hardship???

Corey is always a happy person and he wouldn’t want us to be sad. He’s happy to leave his burden in this world. He’s happy to leave this world and we should be happy for him.

Corey is an example of the fact that Age means nothing. He might only live for 34 years, but he had achieved so many things that person who live more than 100 years would never achieve. Age is irrelevant. How we spent our time is relevant.

Corey signed off in style…. in what he likes the most….A Fast Car in A Fast Speed….

We might be sad of it….But he didn’t….So let us remind the people that he left behind to be hopeful and continue his legacy. Let us remind Tracy how wonderful Corey was. Let us remind his parent what a great kid he was. Let us remind the staff at IMC that Corey is one of the most inspirational individual the world will ever see and they should be honoured having been working with him.

All the best for Corey ….

Dimas Renaldi
Melbourne, Australia

Hi Ken,

Thanks for putting the effort in to memorialize Corey, just a few words of my own:

Dear Tracy, and the Rudl Family

I have never met Corey in person, but felt like I’d lost a best friend when I heard of his passing. I know how enthusiastic Corey was for life and kind in helping others. I was in complete shock when I heard the news, and haven’t been able to concentrate all day after hearing the news from a friend. I feel very sad, and hope that you can come to terms with your loss in some way. I feel sad I was unable to make it to the USA to your wedding (our baby was being born) as I looked forward to meeting both you Tracy and Corey later on in person.

May God remember him for his good deeds, and be with you his family in these truly tragic circumstances.

Corey – you were an inspiration to those of use who had nearly gotten there, those who had, and those who were starting. Your efforts to help others will be remembered, and wont be wasted.

I think all of us, his students and staff will take special notice of his passion and teachings, and make a special effort to do better in our own lives and businesses and to succeed as a personal tribute to Corey.

Hope your last few minutes were exciting and your last seconds quick….you died a hero and will we all miss you mate!

God rest your soul, and until we meet again,

Kindest Regards and Sympathies

Brook Papworth

Western Australia
To Corey’s Wife, Parents, Sister and Family

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

It only seems like yesterday we all received those exciting email invites to
Corey’s and Tracy’s wedding. And even in Corey’s newsletters he made it
known how much he adored and respected his family. It just doesn’t seem fair
that this has happened to Corey, who was and is so much larger than life.

We are shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of Corey. He was so genuine
in his efforts to help others achieve their dreams and set a great example
for others to follow in his footsteps. Corey was unique. The world just
won’t be the same without his enthusiasm and presence. He was a true mentor
and will be missed by so many that he touched with this work. The difference
Corey has made in so many people’s lives is too great to be measured.

Rest in peace, Corey…

Mandy Gibbons

Dear Ken,

A thousand thanks to you for putting up this site in tribute to our very dear friend and inspiration, Corey Nicholas Rudl.

I had been working on my business websites, and had not really checked my Emails for a day or two. My apologies, and I hope this gets to you in time to be posted. I am so deeply shocked and saddened by the news of Corey’s passing from this world. My heartfelt prayers go out to his lovely wife Tracy, the entire Rudl family, and all who have worked with him at IMC. I am truly one of the lucky people in this world who has personally met Corey and Tracy, and has been forever changed and inspired by his passion, his energy, and his enthusiasm for life. If it pleases Ken, I have a personal short story to share with all of you in rememberance of Corey.

As I have read the other Emails on this site I am reminded again of how many people all over the world whose lives this one man has somehow touched. I am awestruck, I am blown away.
Corey somehow “found me” through a mutual association with a major wholsale dropshipper whose name will not be mentioned here. I have been receiving his “marketing tips” newsletter and have been a desciple of his since 2002. I had been only thinking of starting my own business for many years. Oddly enough, it was through my own involvement in an auto accident just before Christmas in 2001 that nearly ended my life, to give me the wake-up call that life was too short. It was time to “take action now”. I attended a few seminars, and followed Corey’s advice, have since bought his “insider secrets” and “accelerated wealth” courses and started down the road to building my own business from scratch. In 2004 I received Corey’s invitation to join him at his wedding seminar. As it was being held practically in my back yard, I just had to be there. I would not have missed this opportunity for the world. I attended and had all of my expectations fulfilled and mor! e. I have never been so inspired for life and business as I was that weekend. To all of you who have never met Corey, or heard him speak, I can personally testify that this man was, and still is a genuine true inspiration among all men. His passion, his enthusiasm, his sincerity as a human being affected everyone in the room. I met people from all over the world that weekend who came to Corey’s seminar, and for the first time was really awestruck at how many people were affected by Corey’s teachings, and at how big this internet business thing really is. I personally met Corey on that memorable Saturday in 2004. I got to shake his hand and talk to him one on one about my business for just a little while. I promised him that I would be one of his future “success stories”. I met his wife Tracy and congratulated them both on their marriage, and wished them many years of happiness. I even autographed one of their giant wedding cards. A! s I look back now, these are moments I will cherish and never forget for the rest of my days.

I am always reminded whenever someone who has touched my life that passes into the next world. I am always reminded how fragile life can be when it ends, yet how strong the force of life can be for the rest of us, as we watch and notice that the world keeps turning. Time, and the force of life keep moving on. God has taken Corey, and he is surely an angel looking and shining down upon us now. We may grieve, and we will pray for Tracy, but let us not forget to remember this man’s inspiration. To all of you who work for IMC, I sincerely hope that you will somehow find the strength to carry on Corey’s good work, because that’s the way he would have wanted it. God bless you all, and God bless you Tracy. I am so deeply sorry that your man has been taken away from you so soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sincerely Yours,
William Tony Mershon

Thank you for posting this site in Corey’s memory. It’s been almost a week since I got that horrible e-mail from Ron LeGrand with “sad and shocking news” and I’ve still not recovered.

On the morning of Corey’s death, I grabbed a package of photos off my kitchen hutch that hadn’t been looked at in a good six months. As I started looking through them, I started smiling and remembering what a great time I had at “Corey Rudl’s Wedding Reception.” He was so wonderful that he didn’t even seem the least bit annoyed when I asked him if I could please take a picture with him and his beautiful new bride. I will always be thankful that I selfishly left my two young children home with Daddy and Grandma so I could go meet my incredible internet marketing mentor. I am forever grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting Corey and his wife and so many students from all around the world at the wedding reception he so graciously put on for his customers to “Thank them”…No Corey, Thank You!

Your enthusiasm to help others, your energy and dedication to excellence will not be forgotten.
You are a real angel now, looking over all of us that strive to be like you. My deepest sympathy for your entire family, friends and IMC team. You will live forever in our hearts.
Very fondly,
Elizabeth Doolittle

Thanks for setting up this site Ken. It’s amazing how many lives Corey has
touched and it makes us realize how short this life can be and to really
cherish every moment we have with each other. Hug your loved ones and let
them know how much they mean to you!

We are at a loss for words. We are numb with shock and disbelief that such
a promising life could be taken away so early.

In the short time we got to know Corey, we could see that he was a man of
great drive, determination, thoughtfulness, and compassion. He made us all
feel like family the moment we met him. He will be sadly missed by everyone
who knew him. We will miss him here on earth but we hope to one day be with
him in heaven when it’s our time.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to you Tracy & Corey’s family. Take comfort
in knowing that in the short time that he was here on earth, he had a huge
impact on so many lives around the world and the memories of him will never
be forgotten.

Love April and Dirk Scholten and family

I was Extremely saddened to learn of the news of Corey Rudl’s untimely death. I too never met the man, though I would have loved to attend his wedding, but like many others he affected me more that i realised. I literally sat here a cried as if I had lost my best friend. Its a reminder that life is short and precious and we should appreciate it more than we sometimes. I have decided here and now that I will now do my utmost to live everyday to its fullest and to keep implementing his strategies, while helping others in the process.

My sincerest condolences to Tracy and his family and friends, just know that we are all thinking of you and wish you peace.

Its also a good lesson to always tell people what they truly mean to us, as we never know when our time is up.

Corey, you will most definitely be missed, and while I havent met you yet, I await our meeting in heaven, where I am sure you are now at peace also looking down on your loved ones.

We dont have to hold onto the pain, to hold onto the memories – cherish them always.

Michelle Clark

Dear ken, Thank you for setting up this page.

Like everyone else, the netpreneurs, the nearly there, and the wannabes our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Corey’s wife, Tracy ,his sister , mum and dad and the rest of his family.

Our heartfelt sympathy also goes out to all of US whom Corey’s existence touched us in some way by means of his tapes, his newsletters, his seminars etc.
We will all miss him so much!

About 15 months ago I decided I wanted to work from home as I was sick of being unappreciated by my bosses at that time.

I opened up Google and typed in “Home based Business”. The first site that popped up was Corey’s.
I clicked on it and before you knew it, I was on my way to becoming an Internet Marketer! Yeeeeeeha I was on my way!

If Corey could do it from his one bedroom apartment and become successful , then so could I!

I bought his tapes and subscribed to his newsletters- I still get them today.

So now I work from home!(I’m not at all successful, but I WILL BE one day)

I am sure this is the story many of us can tell, All thanks to Corey’s inspiration and guidance!

Thank you Corey! Thank you!

The wonderful, inspirational memory of you will live in us ALL!

To his wife and family, all I can say is, I just hope that knowing how much Corey was loved and admired by so many around every corner of the globe will help you get over your tragic loss.

Christine Young

It was a warm day in June, 1998 when I ran across this really great course
written by a man named Corey Rudl. I bought it right away and took it to my
business partner, Wes. Our business was brand new and we really had no idea
what we were doing. But something told us to read this course. When the
course arrived, we sat on Wes’ front porch and read the ENTIRE course in one

Fast forward. Friday, June 3, 2005, Wes and I are now married (5 years this
year) and we’re in Gatlinburg, TN for a weekend vacation. I got online to
check email that morning and a friend sent me an IM: “Corey Rudl died

My mouth dropped open. How can this be? You see, Corey changed our lives.
It was because of Corey that we earned our very first affiliate check. It
was Corey’s initial teachings that put things in motion for us and
ultimately led to the creation of a very successful company. We have lost
someone special. A true pioneer and an incredible man.

Wes and I met Corey in Boulder, CO in 2001. Great speaker and very helpful.
I found him to be very positive and a great motivator. I am grieved and
heart broken that he has passed, why did he have to leave us so soon?

Tracy, I’m so sorry for this. I know you and Corey had big dreams. I can’t
say I know how you feel because I don’t. I hope with time you’ll gain
strength. Wes and I are very close, I cannot imagine the whole impact of
losing your husband but what I do imagine is horrible. You’re in my prayers
during this time.

Our condolences to all his family, friends, those at IMC and to the Internet
Marketing community. Corey, may God wrap you in his arms. We will always
hold a special place in our heart for you.

Tameka Sowder Pritt
Bent Mountain, Va

Hi Ken

Just heard the awful news today. I’m one of Corey’s current crop of students and all I can say is that this has come as a major shock. My heart and condolences go out to Corey’s wife and his entire family, friends, and work colleagues who I still work with today. From speaking to Scott at the IMC I can tell the whole IMC team are devastated, as I’m sure are all of his business associates. I don’t know the guy myself but his strategies and teaching are already beginning to help me get my new business off the ground. From reading some of the other messages at your memorial site I can see what a massive influence, and therefore loss, Corey is and will be to the entire internet business world. I’m also someone who has trawled the web looking for help with internet marketing and I have to say that, having come accross many so-called web gurus out there, I know Corey is still and always will be the best. He will definitely be sorely missed!

Sincerest Condolences
John Murray

Dear Ken
I read with great sadness about the passing of Corey Rudl.
I have been a subscriber to his newsletter for several years and always appreciated his direct and honest manner of communicating his vision and expertise.I sent away for his course and found the contents valuable to starting my online business, and now it is his legacy that we cherish and need to remind ourselves that his call to action was so well scripted that it was hard to deny.

To all the staff at Marketing Tips .com – you must go on in the way Corey would have wanted and continue his work if at all possible.

To Tracey, my heartfelt condolences and if you can take any strength from this, it is that your man changed positively the lives of all the people he touched by his life’s work and teachings – and that is a thing to be extremely proud of.

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time,

Tony Reynolds

Mom and Dad Rudl
Supporters, friends of Corey

Wow.. I just couldn’t believe it. I thought it was perhaps a publicity stunt, but when Customer Service verified Corey’s death, I just sat back in shock, tears welling up.. Isn’t it funny how, when you think you’ve got it made, something always jerks you back to reality?

Corey was an incredible guy, showing many how important it is to craft a good online presence. Now, at this very sad hour, he demonstrates to us how important it is to craft a great life.

Because none of us know how much time we were rented on earth. That’s why we should live every moment to the full. It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily sabotations of our joy – credit card bills, rent, bad drivers on the road, miscommunications with our spouse. But in an intense moment like this, we suddenly stop and realise, “What the heck are we busy with? Why are we here?”

May this moment give all of us a chance to reflect back on our own lives, stopping to think for a change, “What am I busy with?” Corey lived life to the full – I mean, he died doing what he LOVED, what a great way to leave this schoolhouse called Earth – shouldn’t we do the same?

To you, Tracy, having been married for such a short time, I am so sorry. I got married a little over a year ago, and despite the outfalls we have occasionally, I have no idea what I will be doing without my lovely wife. And I’m sure you don’t see the sense in all this. May I bless you with these words, that the God of all comfort breaks forth with His peace, as He is so faithful in doing. What sometimes seems so unfair, or unnecessary to us, so painful, is just a tool in the Master’s hand to sculpture our lives to be lived even greater for Him. May you be comforted that although very difficult, He will sustain you, sometimes showing up when you think you’re about to break.. At least we know, though Corey is with you and us no more, his body died, but he lives on – that way we cry and miss him, but we don’t grieve like we will never see him again – we will, but for now, Corey, we miss you.

To Corey’s parents – may you find rest in that Corey accomplished more in his short life, did more for people, than most people do an entire lifetime. Looking at all the replies from people deeply touched, you can know you did a great job with your son. Be proud.


Piet Adlem
South Africa


This may be speaking out of turn here as I don’t know you or never got the chance to meet Corey in person, although his course arrived yesterday and you posted my memorial to him online.
Therefore at first hand I have no idea what he would have supported.

However my goal online one day when I make it, is to set up a charitable trust to get “Give A Helping Hand” to streetkids, to give them hope, give them the start in life, show them that someone cares enough to get off their ass and do something about it, ,make the feel wanted, loved even and not forgotten. Something we all don’t want do right now in respect of the great man.

These are qualities that I have picked up from Corey his passion, to actually do something, make a change, offer his helping hand, albeit in Internet Marketing, but for what, for us to fulfil our dreams!!

The streetkids have dreams and goals too, and furthermore the youth of today are tomorrows customers, so they cycle starts again.

Maybe just a thought for you to mull over with those in the know. I haven’t even got started yet in my marketing career, but you and Corey and others have…

Gary Watson

Hi Ken

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to remember Corey.
When I got the email to say that Corey had passed away I
thought it was someone playing a sick joke. Even seeing
the LA Times report couldn’t convince me that it was true!
I’ve never met Corey but I feel as if I’ve lost one of my very
Best friends.

I only got involved in internet marketing about 3 months ago.
Fortunately for me the very first course I bought was Corey’s.
At the same time I got his Ultimate Seminar DVD’s and watched
all three the very day I got them. Two days later I had my whole
family over to watch them too. I will be watching them a lot in
the future.

On Thursday I deposited the very first check I received from
IMC. Little did I know that not many hours later the man I’ve
adopted as my mentor would no longer be with us.

Although he’s no longer with us in a physical body I believe that he’s
still with us in spirit. His legacy will live on and he will never be forgotten.
I for one will be working a whole lot harder.

To his wife, parents, sister and niece, friends, IMC, affiliates and everybody out there
who feels this terrible loss, as well as Ben Keaton’s family & friends,
my sincere condolences. May God carry you in His arms through this very sad time.

Marlene Roberson
Springs, South Africa


First I would like to thank you for putting up a site as a tribute to Corey.

Last Friday I actually ordered his 2005 update to his “Marketing Secrets” course. I went to my inbox expecting a receipt and was shocked to find an e-mail from a friend about his death! I was absolutely floored. I have been in disbelief since. His death has had a greater impact on me that I expected, after reading this site I see that others share my feelings. I had the privilege to meet Corey in May of 2004.

He was such a wonderful and talented person with such passion and fire. He has truly made a good impact on so many people’s lives, his parents and wife must be so proud. I personally believe that everything happens for a reason. Corey’s purpose on earth must have been fulfilled, and God must have needed Corey back home more than we needed him here. I am happy that he died a happy man, and that it was fast and pain free.

He is in a better place, and we all have a new angel in heaven. My heart goes out to his beautiful new wife, and his family, friends, and staff at IMC. He will be greatly missed.

Lynn R.


Hi Ken,

Thanks for creating this site for Corey. I know it is greatly appreciated by
the thousands that had their lives touched by Corey. I am fortunate to be
one of the those lucky people.

I first met Corey in Australia August 14, 2001 at a small seminar that he
organised. I’ve never forgotten it. He blew me away. I bought everything he
had on sale there that night and I’m glad I did. From that day on he has
been a teacher and mentor to me through his newsletters and products. His
teachings have continued to move me to new levels in business and as a

My heartfelt condolences to Tracy, Corey’s family, friends and the fabulous
team members at IMC.

Corey, thank you for all you have done. You will be sadly missed by us all
but your legacy will live on.

Neville South
Victoria Australia

Dear Ken,

First of all thanks a lot for making this site!

I’d like to say My condolences to Corey’s family and friends.

This is really so sad!

I just met him last year in LA, and I told him that he will be in a famous magazine with me in my country Indonesia as PROFILE!

I wish he would see it! I just received the magazine myself, and was about to send him that magazine as a gift. But a week later I heard he died. I was crying when I heard this news!

Below is the picture of me with him in the US and it was published in the large magazine here.

I want Tracy know that he’s a well known in Indonesia!

Anne Ahira
Asian Brain IMC, CEO.



WOW Ken,

Thanks a lot for fast response! 🙂
And thanks for publishing it in your site.

It would be great to let people know how Corey is well known all over the
world! He will be really missed!

Anne Ahira

Hi Ken, you don’t know me, but as well as being an internet marketer
I am also a broadcaster.

As you said, it may be difficult for you to record something so I would like
to offer my help to read and record some of your words if you wish.

Corey was a great help in getting me started on the net.

All the best,

Peter Twist

First, I’d like to say thank you for creating the
memorial site for Corey Rudl. It is truly something
that was needed, and I am happy to see that there
are others out there that truly loved, and miss Corey.

Thanks again Ken,

Best Regards,
Patrick Mahoney

It is with great sadness that I write this note to you.

My heart goes out to Tracey as well as to Corey’s family and friends. I know this is a difficult and emotional time for them.

I was not as fortunate as many of you to know Corey personally but was blessed with the opportunity to briefly get acquainted with him through the online community while attempting to learn the real world of internet marketing. As we all know Corey was and will always be the best.

It was not that long ago that I received his Engagement announcement via email and Tracey he was so very thrilled to share his excitement and tell the world that the Love of his life had agreed to marry him. You meant the world to him. I am so very sorry for your loss and wish there was something I could do to make things easier for you.

Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

May God Bless and Comfort you through this difficult time.


Debbie Hidalgo

Vancouver, WA

Hi Ken, I visited the site you arranged for Corey. As you know, we recently lost my father-in-law, & sometimes life sucks.. it isn’t always easy.. but I know that my father-in-law would want me to remember the good times we had, & keep those memories alive.

While I never knew Corey, I deeply feel for his loss, & the impact it will have on his family.

You’re a true gentleman.


Dear Ken,

On Friday, when I heard the news of Corey’s death, at first I hoped it was some sort of mistake but a look at the news links included in the message I received told me it was not. I felt numb and then great sadness and sorrow at the loss of someone so bright and young.

I have never met Corey yet he has represented to me the supreme internet marketer, the one whom everyone else seeks to emulate. As I listened to, watched and read his training information I began to feel that I knew Corey – he was a friend I just hadn’t had chance to meet yet.

My sincere condolences to Tracey, Corey’s family and all at IMC as you come to terms with the loss of this unique man.

Paul Quirk – United Kingdom.

I hadn’t talked with Corey in about 7 years when I got the call. I got the call from one of our friends. What started out as a pleasant surprise from an old friend turned into a very sad conversation when I heard the news. I had gone to high school with Corey and got to know him over a 4 year period.

I have many fond memories of driving around Ottawa and jumping out of the car at any stop light where there was a Fiero and passing out fliers for his first business, Fieros Plus. We also had several conversations of our dreams and hopes for the future.

You just knew then that Corey was going places. He was determined and nothing was going to stop him. I only wish I could have spent more time with him and witnessed how he became who he was. After we went our separate ways, I would occasionally hear from Corey or hear of him. He was the type of person you never forgot. Even though I had not talked with him in a long time, I will miss him. He was my friend, the kind that even after a long time had passed, when we talked it was like it was yesterday the last time we had spoken.

My condolences to his wife and his family. My thoughts and my prayers are with you and with him.

Shawn Cochran

Corey has been the ultimate mentor and industry leader. In fact, he always will be because he was always ahead of the game, leading the way and has already inspired so many of us permanently to ‘make it happen’.

We are the ones who will continue to manifest his training into our businesses over the next several decades and account for billions in online sales which can directly or indirectly be traced back to his training. That is something he would be very proud of.

It’s hard to imagine future training and product releases without him; I can’t imagine the pain his staff and family, especially Tracy are going through. Tracy, my prayers are with you.

Corey lived what he preached and his energy was infectious. I was at his wedding reception as well as the full “Accelerated Internet Wealth Seminar” on that wedding weekend last September. I had the pleasure to talk to him twice and meet Tracy as well as autographing the big wedding card.

I remember I told him tauntingly ” I still don’t have an affiliate program..!” and he said “ah! you’re crazy (leaving profits on the table)!” The next day I told him I would become one of his success stories and had my picture taken with him.

Tragically, he has officially become an internet marketing legend. He already was a legend in my mind and countless others because of the direct effect he’s had on our internet businesses and the value and empowerment he’s given us to succeed.

He really DID and always WOULD want us to succeed in our businesses and went out of his way to help make it happen. As Rich Dad said, (to become a billionaire) “Give more and more value to more and more people.” And Corey Rudl was well on his way but cannot have any regrets with how he lived his life (as tragic as reality is).

It is also perhaps a time for all of us to reflect upon our lives and how we are living it. What kind of a legacy do we each want to leave behind? An internet business to me means financial independence and that is priceless. Countless thanks to Corey and his team – even in your failures, nothing you did was ever in vain.

Corey didn’t choose to let the winds blow wherever they carried him, he was directed with purpose and became the ‘Magellan of internet marketing’. He charted the way to make it easier for us. It’s hard enough already (as anyone successful knows) but without Corey, my goodness, how long it would take to figure things out! I should have maybe read ALL 1 million pages first before applying things and getting myself sidetracked, heh.

Somberly; it’s kind of odd that I was thinking specifically of Corey Rudl racing Porsche’s (nothing bad though) the last couple days at a few separate times. I didn’t find out until 5 days later when I logged onto to compare latest sales copies and was appallingly shocked to find out.

Somehow I knew how he probably passed away before I found out for sure (racing accident), but at least he lived his life with a passion and didn’t make excuses for what he did in his personal or business life. Everything he did was on purpose.

I’m glad to hear that Corey wants IMC to continue onward. IMC, it’s going to be VERY different but I hope that seminars ‘somehow’ do continue so that we can all continue to bind together in our common goals and so that we can share and interact with other successful internet marketing students of Corey’s.

Corey Rudl has built and left behind a legacy that will continue to grow and inspire others to achieve success online. My condolences to Tracy, IMC staff and his family. Corey will never be forgotten.

Orion Williams


I never had the pleasure of meeting Corey, but I religiously read every one of his Marketing Tips Newsletters.

The Internet will not be the same without him. He touched the lives of the many people he knew and obviously so many others that he didn’t know as well. When I saw the email that read “In Memory of Corey Rudl” I was in shock. I didn’t know this man, yet I still felt as though I had lost a friend. He has been on my mind since the day the email arrived! He will be very sadly missed.

My Heartfelt Thoughts and Prayers go out to his Wife and Family and The Family of the Driver as well.

Vicki Ballard

Thank you for posting this site in Corey’s memory. It’s been almost a week since I got that horrible e-mail from Ron LeGrand with “sad and shocking news” and I’ve still not recovered.

On the morning of Corey’s death, I grabbed a package of photos off my kitchen hutch that hadn’t been looked at in a good six months. As I started looking through them, I started smiling and remembering what a great time I had at “Corey Rudl’s Wedding Reception.” He was so wonderful that he didn’t even seem the least bit annoyed when I asked him if I could please take a picture with him and his beautiful new bride. I will always be thankful that I selfishly left my two young children home with Daddy and Grandma so I could go meet my incredible internet marketing mentor.

I am forever grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting Corey and his wife and so many students from all around the world at the wedding reception he so graciously put on for his customers to “Thank them”…No Corey, Thank You!

Your enthusiasm to help others, your energy and dedication to excellence will not be forgotten.
You are a real angel now, looking over all of us that strive to be like you. My deepest sympathy for your entire family, friends and IMC team. You will live forever in our hearts.

Very fondly,
Elizabeth Doolittle



It is indeed a sad day for all of us worldwide to hear of the passing of Corey Rudl.
He was a great man and will be greatly missed because I’m still learning from him.
It is a loss to all of us who have been inspired by him.

My condolences to Tracy, family members and friends.
Corey will always be in our memory.

Thanks and Regards
Abdul Rahim


My dearest and sincere sympathy goes first to Corey’s family and his wife Tracy. Secondly to his staff and to all that admired him for his genius. I will remember Corey Rudl because he was responsible for many innovative strategies which helped a lot of aspiring marketers become very successful. He was the first marketer that graced my eyes when first surfing the net some years ago, I remember thinking… Wow! You can make money on the internet? I have recently become successful myself in internet marketing and was looking forward to meeting Corey.

I hope IMC will continue to carry the torch of Corey’s vision well into the future… I was shocked and sadened by his passing but just look around you… Look at all the people that just won’t let Corey be forgotten. You all are a bunch of great people.

-Anthony Tomei

Hello Mr. Calhoun,

Though I did not know Corey Rudl personally, he is, of course, a well-known name around our office. I respected the man, and was always able to work well with his staff. If you would like help with research, for your foundation, please feel free to contact me. I’d be honored to help.

Thank you,

Carolyn Clemans
The Abraham Group (Jay Abraham)

To all who cared:

They say “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Corey lived that each day of his life. I could see that in only the video he created to go with his Internet Marketing system I bought a few weeks ago. You never saw fear in him at all. His infectious personality would make you want to get up and Run around the block. He emitted an energy, not easily reproduced.

I was suppose to sit in on a phone call with Corey on the 7th of June, but on Monday the 6th I received rather bad news that the only person I have ever looked up to was now gone. I never had a mentor or a person who taught me so much in any way as he did. I was waiting for the punch line in the email I received. I thought it was just a really sick joke and the “Just Kidding” was only one more word away. I searched MSN News and the headline popped up saying that Corey had died in a racing accident on Thursday. Talk about a big pill to swallow! I really wanted to cry, but I didn’t yet.

I may not have known him personally and may have missed the opportunity of a life time to be infected with “Corey”, LIVE on a conference call. But I can say I have viewed his training movies and he infected me right from the start. He is the best “bug” or “virus” I have ever had. He got me with that “can do” attitude that he projected some how from DVD to ME. From reading all of your tributes, I see I am not the only one infected!

I saw the car here on and finally had myself a good cry! I am glad we have a place to show our grief. My family has no idea who Corey is and neither do most of my friends. I know it’s a shame, even if I told them they would look at me and say, “Haven’t you given up on the “own your own business” dream yet?” I have not and will not now that I have found the only genuine Internet Marketer Online. He lives on in his work and though you may not feel it or know it, he stands beside each one of us and comforts us through our pain. I am sure that God gave him some well deserved wings when he went to heaven.

My favorite letter on here comes from Luc De Luseleuc. If you get a chance read it you will get a good laugh out of it. The good times can make the bad times easier to deal with.

I send my heart felt warm wishes for peace to the family, his close friends and his wife, Tracy. With time your pain will mend in its own unique way and you will feel peace again. I want you to remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And I want you to also remember that each thing that comes in our life whether good or bad is a test to see how we will handle the situation. Whenever possible, Stand tall and proud and carry his name on to achieve more than even he thought possible.

I will sign off with one last thought that each of you should think about!
It only takes one person to make a change! Corey showed that to all of us!

Melissa Hoff

My deepest sympathies to Tracy, family and friends. I only had the
opportunity of meeting Corey once, but I clearly remember him as a great
person, without knowing how much he’s contributed to the world (not until
now, by reading through this tribute site).

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Tracy, and I just want her to
know that I am here for love and support. I am just a few minutes away…

Maureen McDonough
San Diego, CA

Hi Ken

I’m truly not an Internet guru in fact I hardly can keep my computer running. I did not know of Corey through business but I new him from another perspective. I understand to a lot he was an Internet Marketing genius but to me he was just one of the guys. I had some great times with Corey 4×4 ing the backcountry of BC, Tearing up the asphalt in his Porsche, And sometimes just sitting in front of the TV (Should Have seen Him When He got the playstation game the Need For Speed). Corey and I never once talked business in fact if I told you what I did you would wonder what we ever had in common. What he was to me was one of the guys who sat around with and had a few laughs with and maybe a couple beers. In fact in the couple years I new Corey I don’t think the Internet was mentioned once. But I do now he had a passion for wheels big or small 2 or 4 he loved them all. Corey lived for being behind the wheel and everything he worked for was to live up that passion.

He loved his work as some nights it was impossible to tear him away from his desk. I hadn’t spoke with Corey for the past few years since he moved from Vancouver CAN to the USA. I was talking with my girlfriend just a couple of weeks ago and decided I was going to try and email him as he kept coming up in my conversations and wondering what he was up to since he moved. I new he had gotten married and had built a home in the San Diego area.

I truly regret not talking to him one last time but I’m glad I had the chance to hang with a guy that most never had really seen. My condolences to his Mom and Dad I know your proud of your son. Even be it to short in this Life he lived everyday to the fullest that a man possible could. To Hope his sister I don’t know what to say. I can’t understand the pain that is tearing away. Just try and remember that in his 34 short years he accomplished so much. More than most could ever imagine accomplishing in a lifetime he did in that short amount of time. To his wife Tracy, I know we never had met but I’m sure you’re the greatest and hope all the best. I know you must have had your hands full when it comes Corey and his toys (cars) he is like a kid in a candy store ready for a meal. I hope someday All of you can look back and think about what he did at only 34. I as most will never conquer what he accomplished in those few short years. He experienced things many never will so try and be positive in those trying times.

Corey I will never forget the memories
I wish I had one last chance to hear how you were
But seeing the pictures I now you were doing
The things you loved and lived for
I will remember all the good times
And I would expect the same from you
It will keep me from getting down and blue

As we say thee who goes with the most toys wins
You are at the top of the podium as the winner
You’re a true inspiration for all your friends

To live their lives always grinning
Thanks for now everything good buddy
But don’t think you have heard the last of me
The race is still on and always will be

Corey Rudl Is a legend that will always live on


Vancouver BC

Corey, our friendship will always remain with me and I will not forget you. Your death has brought about memories from our days on west 6th and the great experiences we shared. I will always think of our times racing together and the vacation that we took to Portland raceway. I have you to thank, for helping me realize one of my life’s dreams. My heart goes out to your parents, Tracey, Hope and her daughter. I am so deeply saddened for your loss as I contemplate my own sorrow of his departure. I can’t even begin to understand what devastating heartbreak your family is experiencing.

Your company was something that you always took such pride in and I remember when you were just starting IMC with Paula and Derek. I watched you acclimatize to a growing business, trying always to make the right decisions and live by your moral values. Your employees have lost a strong and compassionate leader, my heart goes out to Derek and Jarred for the loss of a mentor and a friend. I will see you at Corey’s memorial and we can share our tears together at the loss of our friend.

God Bless You Corey, for the man you were.

Your Friend

Ward Kondas

Hi Ken,

I am shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of Corey Rudl.

06/01/2005 15:42:00 I have just got his last newsletter.

It is over one year since I accidently encountered his website from Japan.
When I first see his website I could have Hope we ordinary people
can live on Internet business. After that I joined his affiliate programs,
and in this year I have Just STARTING his best program-“Secrets To Their
Success” and “The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet”

Because I believed it has TRUST first of all
that it’s most important thing on the virtual world we live.
What a Beautiful Program and Trastworthy System-legacy-he left as A Pioneer
for beginners like me, too! And above all he gave us HOPE. Thank you Corey!
…though I needed your help as I mail you first.
As I read the guidebooks I feel sometimes in it his artistic soul
rather than so-called an Internet “Guru”.

Kind & Happy email from Corey’s wife of last fall and this Cruel “June”.

With my deepest sympathy from Japan.

Shouzou Tahara
from Japan

Dear All,

I knew Corey and his website on 1998. I was feel
amazed and admirer him so much. I still remember that
I had a very slow dial-up connection during that time
to browse, but I really love to
learn from him about his Internet Marketing Tips.

Unfortunately, during that time my country, Indonesia
– was really in trouble due to the economic problem.
Our currency triple to US$ so fast. I can’t afford
myself to spend money to buy Corey’s product.

I still remember I wrote Corey personally about my
problem, and soon I could find that his website gave
us an opportunity to buy his product more flexible of
3 payment terms. I don’t know if this policy because
of me and my letter, but I just feel that Corey was
really care and fully attention to everybody who’s
willing to learn from him.

On January 8, 2002 I could finally have Corey’s
package coming to my door via FedEx. I can’t believe
its really 10 lbs weight. I was so happy, and can’t
forget that moment. Until today I still keep the
package: the thick white box, the receipt, the 2
ring-binder manuals, the CD’s, and the welcome letter.
(I attached the picture taken today).

When I heard about the tragedy on June 3 when I
checked my email, I was terribly shocked. Speechless.
Late in the midnight I looked back at that 10 lbs
white box – I pick it up from the shelves, and open it
tenderly, touch it and read it again – say nothing.
Suddenly can’t believe that I can only cry and feel am
gonna miss Corey so badly, I learn 3 years from him
through his products, and I still believe that I would
need him some more time to share, to discuss, to ask
and to see some more brilliant products from Corey.

I believe Corey would be happy now to see there are so
many people around the world, keep remind him as the
legend of Internet Marketing Guru, the beloved one. My
condolences to Corey’s wife Tracey, family and

I pray for Corey all night and days, may Jesus Christ
keep him in HIS mighty hand and let Corey rest it
peace forever.

With my best regards,

Paschalis Lie
Bandung, Indonesia.

P.S. Thank you Ken for your kindness providing this
memorial sites, Corey would be proud of you.

Hi Ken,
What can you say that has not already been said, what a sad sad loss of talent, so young. He was the same age as me, I believe that he had only just got started and he would have been an awesome force on the internet, but I also believe that the people at IMC can carry on and make Corey proud, by using all his words of wisdom he taught them to help so many people.

I did not have the opportunity of meeting Corey but I was planning to. I have most of his products and was only just watching his DVD set while on holiday in Greece, My daughter who has just turned 1 year’s old was even hooked to what Corey had to say.

My Daughter Hannah 1 year’s old and mesmerised by Corey’s Teachings


I also work at a race track, with a company that gives rides in supercars and Formula 1 cars. Until my internet business takes over, with the Guidance of Corey’s Teachings. Its just a shame it was road car on a circuit that’s used for Nascar by the looks of it and those cars are fitted with big rollbar cages, its just a shame it wasn’t a Hummer H2 he was having a ride in, it would of just scratched the bumper.

“Successful is the person who has lived well, laughed often and loved much, who has gained the respect of others, who leaves the world better than they found it, who has never lacked appreciation for the earth’s beauty, who never fails to look for the best in others or give the best of themselves.”

I will always be truly grateful to you Corey, I will never forget how you have changed the rest of my life and the future of my daughter and family. I pray to God that as a farther I will not out live my daughter.

My prayers go out to his wife Tracey, his parents, John and Pat, his sister Hope, and niece Taya.

God Bless You Corey
I will not forget you.

Chris Leavers

To Tracy, and the members of Corey’s family,

I am so sorry.

As others have already said a thousand times over, I will say the same.
Corey was an inspirational, motivated and truly brilliant man.

The way his mind worked was so amazing, and truthfully, there really are no words to describe how deeply he touched people’s lives.

I am a student of Corey’s through the IMC Advanced Mentoring program, and since the day I bought my first course from him when I was seventeen years old, he has been someone I looked up to, learned from and admired. (Even envied!)
I am well on my way to achieving all the goals I set out for myself, and I have to say it… I owe it all to Corey and his team.

It was because of him that I realized my own passion for online business, and the motivation to do something of great caliber burning inside of me. I have learned so much.

Like I said, there really are no words…

Except, thank you.

May he rest in peace but may his spirit live on in those who cared about him…the many thousands, and thousands and thousands of people.

Elisha Ewonchuk,

I can hardly believe it!!!

It’s crazy, because I’ve followed that guy for years!!! I remember back
in 1997 when I believe I first found his website it was just a one page
sales letter website, marketing his ecommerce course with all the flare
that only Cory could pull off! I followed his website for about a year.
Then in 1998 I finally bought his course for the first time. It was good
material. But I was a struggling college student at the time so I had to
ship it back. But I had learned some of the basics I needed to launch my
first website which I did in early 2000. Then as my site continued to
grow I continued to visit Cory’s site often looking for new ideas. The
reason was we both sold our products using sales letters, so I was
always keeping my eye on him because he always had the best marketing
strategies and powerful sales tactics. Then in 2003 I bought his course
again, this time I kept it as my site was having some ground breaking
success of it’s own, finally.

I’d watch as Cory’s site and business grew
and changed just as my career website did. Then for a new project I was
working on, I was again closely reviewing his website all throughout
early 2005. Again looking at new improvements, ideas, and strategies
that he was using. I’ve been constantly trying to learn more from him as
he was one of my mentors! I was always trying to learn new strategies
for him. It just seems like yesterday that I was living in my parent’s
basement back in the late 90s. But thanks to his guidance and powerful
marketing insights I was able to launch my own career site and take it
to it’s own great heights of success, much of which I attribute to my
mentor Cory Rudl. Then here I am in 2005, this is the 4th house and
largest home I’ve bought, I’ve done pronominally well through my
internet business and then my friend calls me telling me that he just
heard that Cory died.

I couldn’t believe it! At first we were debating
if perhaps it might be another “over the top” marketing tactic, as some
celebrities like eminem have tried stuff like that before to gain
massive hype. And although I wish that was the case, I suppose that’s
not a possibility. I guess he really did pass. Which is just shocking,
especially for someone like myself who’s learned from him, followed him
for like 8 years, and actually attribute much of my own success to his
training. I just can’t believe it! Especially because here I was working
so diligently on my new project and now that this happened I feel that I
need to take some time off, regain my focus and get back to my faith in
God. The other thing is I’ve never had anyone close to me die yet.

though I never met Cory he’s still one of the closer people to me as
I’ve followed his success and teachings since 97. Man, it just goes to
show how fragile life is. It just keeps running through my mind that I
wonder if he had a faith in God? It would be more comforting to know
that he did. But I’ll just say I’m sure he’s in a better place right
now, I hope. At least he went out doing something he loved to do, rather
than in some slow painful way. I guess we all just got to slowly try and
pick up the pieces and move on with our lives.

The Internet Marketing community isn’t going to be the same though without him around as he broke all kinds of new ground in internet marketing circles around the
world! He definitely was a marketing guru of market guru’s. One of the
top players in the game! I’m 30 now, close to the same age, so that’s
another reason it all really hit’s home. My condolences go out to all
his friends, followers, and family. Well anyway, if anyone wants to talk
more about the situation or reminisce with me you can email me:


Dear Ken,
Many thanks for setting up the site I first heard the sad news from Perry S. Marshall’s email message and later confirmed to me by Josh Austin and Rosalind Gardner.

My heartfelt condolence goes to Corey’s beloved widow Tracy, his immidiate family and all the dedicated members of the IMC Team. At first I tried not to believe the news and was hoping it would turn out to be a false one just to sadly realize later that our great hero is truly gone and no more with us. I am just a new student of Corey and as I have mentioned to Josh in one of our telephone conversations “I am very proud to be Corey’s student”.

I was overhelmed and felt deeply inspired by his mission and visions as I read through his Internet Marketing tips. Corey was one of the great men who walked this planet Earth to lead us into a new stage of evolution at the start of this 21st. century. By the time he left us, although his visions are complete and whole, his mission was only at its infancy and I beleive the Corey Team will be able to carry on the guiding light of Corey’s great mission to continue enlightening uncountable little guys like me throughout the remaining decades of this century and beyond.

Salai Kipp, Hamburg, Germany, 9. June 2005

Hi Ken,

Thanks for putting up a link to my Corey tribute page.

I would like to include a few words on your site if that’s still possible. I
wrote this the other night. Feel free to edit it if you need to:


Corey’s been an ongoing inspiration for myself and several of my friends
since we first came across his products nearly three years ago. We’re all
doing business online because of the concepts he taught us.

He had the knack of communicating with his subscribers in such a way that we
felt we knew him. I can’t imagine feeling the same sense of loss over any
other marketing figure. Sorry guys, but that’s just the way it is. Maybe
it was his youthful exuberance, or his willingness to talk about his
personal life in his writing, but I feel like I lost a friend.

We will miss the deluge of e-mails, the special offers, and the occasional
“hard sell” approach. But I’m so pleased that Corey’s Internet Marketing
Center will continue doing business despite his loss.

Rest in peace, my friend. We’ll miss you. But we’ll never forget what you
taught us, not only about making money online, but also about following your
dream, persisting until you find solutions, and doing the things that you

Our condolences to Corey’s wife, Tracy, and his family and friends.

Marguerite Bonneville

Gold Coast, Australia


Thanks again Ken.

I am deeply saddened by his death; he has helped me get my SEO business and marketing strategies underway; we wrote emails back and forth and I always felt like I could ask him any questions I needed or browse his websites to get more SEO advice and wisdom…he will be missed by so many…”

Wendy Suto

Hi Ken, great job for creating this site for Corey.

I couldn’t believe it when I found out about Corey’s accident. What a tragedy.
I want to express my sympathy and condolences to his wife, Tracy, his family, friends and colleagues as well as the family of his friend Benjamin Keaton.

Corey, you will be missed.

“With every farewell, a memory is born”

The Netherlands

News of Corey’s passing as a result of a tragic accident has reached his many child-hood friends and class-mate here in Carleton Place, and the surrounding community of Lanark County Ontario Canada.

One of Corey’s class-mates from his high school days, contacted me to tell me of his passing. You see, I watched Corey grow up. Started him off to school on his first day of school (1976-1977), and many other throughout his first year at school. His mother had surgery and I was the nurse that looked after both Corey and Hope. Corey would have been about 5 at the time and attended a half day of kindergarten at the local public school. Hope was just a little baby, only a few months old. His father “Nick” owned a Wood Yard, where the County foresters delivered their cedar logs for resale. I spent various amounts of time, at both their homes in Carleton Place, both as a nurse and as a family friend.

Over the years, I continued to hear of the many accomplishment achieved by Corey. His love for “race cars”, Western University, his marriage to Tracey. But the news I heard today, brings a great sadness to my heart.

Across the miles, we mourn the loss of dear, dear friend Corey and send our heartfelt condolences to his wife Tracey, this parents Nick and Pat, to his sister Hope and his many colleagues.

Will forever remember you!
Jayne Munro and the Munro family
Almonte, Ontario Canada

Hi Ken:

What can I say? Just last week I received an email from him about a small
meeting he was having in my hometown of Jacksonville on June 10th. I did not
answer right away and he sent me a follow-up message saying he did not see
my name on his guest list. This just truly blows my mind away.

I am so sorry I never got to meet him, but from his emails I can tell that
he was passionate about what he does and wants everyone else around him to
be a winner like he was.

My condolences to everyone and God Bless.

Thelma D
Jacksonville, Fl.

This letter isn’t easy to write.

When I write about Corey it’s usually to brag about his latest
idea to my own customer base. It’s no small thing that
his name is the only outside name to EVER headline one of
our promotions.

It’s a tribute to his talent. And his enthusiasm. His is the
kind of contagious vigor that’s meant to be shared. And in the
end, that lust for living and thriving is the piece of Corey
we should all take with us.

In the days after I heard news of Corey’s death, I buried
myself in sales copy. I poured through his letters and wrote
a piece of copy in his honor. I like to think that would make
him smile.

Today our entire list will receive a promo packed with new
enthusiasm and visions of Ferraris. And when they feel inspired…
when they pick up the phone to change their lives… they may
not know the name Corey Rudl. But he will be the spark behind
their new found fortune.

As marketers I think we can carry on the vision and bring the
dream to the people. It’s our turn to churn energy from within
and give it to people who need our inspiration.

I know Corey’s only regret would be that he couldn’t help
more people. So let’s do it for him.

Corey’s ideas grew our company from a fledgling basement
start up to a sprawling 165-person machine. And we’ll never
forget the friendship we all shared with him and everyone at

Our thoughts and prayers are with Tracy and the entire IMC


Eric Olson

Hi Ken,

I hate having to write an email like this. I’ve been involved in a similar car crash and lost a best friend. I was lucky enough to live. I don’t know how Cory’s family feels but I’m familiar with the loss a friend feels.

I’m a new member of the Mentoring Program and all I can say is that I’m very impressed with the organization and the integrity of everyone I’ve come in contact with at the IMC. An organization is a reflection of it’s creator and while I never met Cory I can see the kind of special person he was reflected in all the people I’ve come into contact with at the IMC.

Please accept my deepest condolences and sympathies,

Doug Poynter

I met Cory online when he used to answer his own email! around 5 years ago. He always had the passion to succeed and the quality of his products always gave me assurance in him.

Yes, he made money online, at the same time – he was to out to help others. I have had small success online using his ideas, I believe the good that will come out his death is that it prompts me to persist and succeed like I should using his ideas- yet another reason to stay true

Paul Easton
New Zealand

Corey became a part of the Miva family during the summer of 2003. Through mutual friends with Miva’s founder Joe Austin we met Corey and arranged for him to speak at our annual conference here in San Diego. Corey gave an inspiring presentation that from a business perspective made Corey’s Insider Secrets Marketing Kit the most popular outside product we’ve ever offered to our customers.

His teachings not only were widely adopted by our customers but impacted how Miva itself marketed it’s products and services.

We were all very sad to learn of this tragedy but find hope in knowing that in our brief time with Corey he influenced so many of us.

Rick Wilson
Vice President of Sales and Business Development
Miva Corporation

I didn’t start my web business right until I ran across Corey’s marketing
course. As a grandmother, aged 58, who had extensive training from other people
that didn’t work, Corey was like a breath of fresh air in murky waters.

Not only did he teach me how to market on the internet and bring my income up
into the six figure range, he didn’t wait until I became successful to befriend
me and cheer me on.

I only met Corey last September at the IMC conference, but he impressed me
greatly and appeared to be just the way I hoped he would be. I wanted to adopt

I will miss that smiling face, that energetic, almost frantic way he teaches so
as not to miss giving you all he has to give!

Corey, may you rest in peace and know that your empire will continue to grow and
expand and that those of us who were lucky enough to have met you and
“partnered” with you in some respect, will never forget you.

My deepest condolences to Tracy, his extended family and all of the dear hearts
at IMC who continue to do everything possible, above and beyond the call of
duty, to help people like me to achieve our goals.

Barbara Jennings

To Tracy and Family
To IMC staff and everybody who knew Corey,

I did not know Corey personally, however through his videos, course and mentor(s) I felt a warm welcome in a big family. The biggest in the world: the Internet family. He taught me how to renew my Internet business professionally and to look into a very very prosperous future. I do not give compliments easily but this is coming from the bottom of my heart: Thank you, Corey for your great work!

I wish Tracy, the IMC staff all the strength it takes to continue his great legacy. You can be proud to have accompanied him some time on his path in this world.

Corey had touched lives positively all over the world.

With my deepest sympathy
Peter Schlaefli, Switzerland
June 10, 2005

Just yesterday a friend that knew I had just started to take some of Corey’s Internet Marketing courses said to me ” did you hear that Corey Rudl was in a serious racing car accident and had deceased? I simply could not fathom that fact at all. No that can’t be, are you sure I asked, and he said it was on the news a few days ago. I still could not believe it and I emailed Corey’s company hoping the report was in error. Sadly it was not and this has shaken me, it is very hard to accept that he is gone and is present with the Lord now.

Understand that I didn’t know Corey other than his emails he consistently sent to me. He has been emailing me for several years without a response trying to get me interested in his different offerings. In the last 30 days I finally responded to his Ultimate Seminar VCD offer. I was thrilled with it. I feel I got to know Corey through those VCD’s. I played those VCD’s over and over all week and actually wrote every word of all of them down in my Learning Notebook so I could consume and digest and metabolize all of it.

He was so personable and friendly I felt I got to know him. I knew he was an expert at doing what he did, teaching others how his system worked so well for him. It was clear that if I copied him it would work for me too. Even though he was so excited and talked so fast I hung on to every word because I felt I finally found a mentor that would be able to help me get into a successful online business. Just a week ago today I reordered another course just like he said people will do, “The Insiders Secrets”. It arrived yesterday. Ironically the very same day I received the sad news. He got to me on those DVD’s and I feel he will still be with me in spirit guiding me forward as I absorb his teachings and begin to do what he said to do, put them into action. I am not a success yet but I promise I will be with Corey’s continuing help through the programs he has already created to help people like me.

I hope there are others in his company that can and do step up to the plate and keep his dream of helping others achieve success going forward. God Bless you Corey and my sympathy to the family you leave behind, may God give them strength and the knowledge that you may be absent from your body but you immediately went straight to the Lord.
Corey we all miss you a lot.


Bob Maddox

Hi Ken,

Your site about Corey Rudl was referred to me by
Anne Ahira. That was very nice of you to put it
together. I will miss Corey. His drive and ambition
was my inspiration to keep on going when my going
was tough. I have learned a lot from him.


Steve Dimeck

Dear Corey,

During this short period of time that we know you, we always looked up to your advice and mentoring. You are one of the few people on the entire Earth whom we own everything we would ever accomplish in Internet-marketing. We regret that we won’t be able to thank you personally for the impact you’ve made on our life, but your passion for life and success will always live in our hearts. I can’t think of better words in your name, Corey, than these:

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up: To more than I can be.

We love your, Corey. You are one of our best friends and mentors ever!


Dear Corey,

You’ve become a leading star for me and Yuliya. You helped us find a way to realize our potential. You gave us a great chance in life. You made us happy.

I am one of those who still cannot believe and resign myself with the fact that I won’t be able to tell you THANK YOU and share our success story with you. We have experienced this success in every area of our life because we truly had the best teacher and mentor. All this time we were dreaming about reaching some significant results and being able to be closer to you, to become your friends and time to time discuss some new strategies with you during our joint golf games 🙂

I remember the moment when Yuliya came to me with tears in her eyes and started telling me that she wants to get enrolled in your Advanced Mentoring Team program and meet you one day. We just started making some money at that time and we didn’t even know how we would pay for this program, but when there is a will – there is a way. That’s one of the many important lessons in life that we’ve learned from you.

Finally, when we had enrolled in the Advanced Mentoring Team program, one of our first goals to achieve out of this program was to have a success in Internet-marketing big enough to qualify for a meeting with you. Someone once said: “Set your goals big enough, so that you won’t be able to complete them in a lifetime,” so now we also have such a goal…

We wish we could have given everything to have you live, because we own you so much in this life. My goal in life is now to continue your work and help people reach their goals and raise their life to the new level. You became a big friend to us, even though we’ve never met, and our memory about you will always live in our hearts.

I wish I could support people who were with you. I can’t imagine how hard it is for them now. We are grateful for the time you were with us in this life and for the difference you’ve made in lives of so many people.

With love,

Roman Boychuk and Yuliya Muravey

Hello Ken,

I still can not believe that Corey Rudl is gone.

When I received the news about Corey’s death today, I thought
may be someone is pulling my leg…..

As I started reading about his accident, I knew it has to be true….

Why does it has to happen to Cordy? Why?
Not only he is an inspirational person to all but also he is too young to die!

It was only a couple weeks ago when he emailed me to offer
his coaching …. And why didn’t I take up his offer?

Because I just started the coaching lessons from
someone else …. But I wish I could tell Corey now that
deep in my heart, I really wanted his guidance more than anyone else ….
And I regret very much that I didn’t tell him that…

Corey, You’ll be missed very much among many internet marketers
and if there could be another chance would granted ….
I wish we could turn the clock back to yesterday’s your happy day.

My heart go out to his family and his wife,Tracy.


Chieko Tai,
Vancouver, Canada

Hi Ken:

Thank you for the excellent tribute to Corey website.
Jenn at IMC advised me of it and I will be sharing it
with my newsletter subscribers.

Below is my notes on Corey ; this will also appear
in all newsletters at Becanada too…

Thank you Ken,

– One of the Greatest Internet Marketers Was Lost
to us last Thursday, Corey Rudl.

It was a very sad day last Thursday when Internet Marketing
Legend, Mentor and friend Corey Rudl died in a racing accident
in California. He was 34 years old.

I have known Corey a long time… almost 9 years. We worked
together on many projects, sent tons of emails back and
forth and talked on the phone often.

I even had the privilege to meet him in person once.

Frankly I was in total shock last Friday when I got the news…
I still can not believe it today.

A legend, mentor and friend was lost that day.

I believe I speak for all of us who’s lives were touched
and enhanced by Corey’s teachings, constant mentoring and
downright “Get it done” personality that he will be dearly
missed for a long time to come.

His drive and determination has influenced the lives of
people worldwide – that internet marketing works, if you
learn it, apply it and continue to do it – day in and day

I other words… he made people believe in themselves
that they could be successful.

That is truly one of the most powerful and selfless
things someone can do for another person…

And then he showed you how to realize that success through
his teaching and mentoring …

He helped millions of strangers worldwide become successful.

Corey’s legacy has touched millions of lives and his teaching
will continue to do so… now and in the future.

I have talked with members of his company. They are devoted
to continuing his legacy and spreading the word of how
to market online successfully. I believe it is what
Corey would have wanted and I will continue my efforts in
that regard too.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Corey’s wife, family, Internet
marketing Center family and his extended family worldwide.

God Bless you Corey for all of those you have helped so much…
You will be dearly missed.

Yours Truly,

David Belton
CEO BEcanada
David Belton Software Enterprises INC


Thank you for the memorial site. My sincerest condolences go to Coreys wife, family and close colleagues. He certainly will not be forgotten. He was far too young and, I believe, far to kind and gentle to be lost so tragically. I pray for Corey, his wife and family and hope that their grief may be somehow assuaged by the fact that he is remembered fondly by so many.

Corey was indeed an inspiration for thousands and I certainly owe him a great debt for being instrumental in my turning my physical disability into an opportunity to acheive the dream of Home Business success.

Thank you,
Steve Brennan

And after the shock and sorrow that followed the death of Corey, I took time to reflect with deep retrospection on the death of an Icon as he and I found solace as the parable of the talent in the Holy came to my mind. Corey was amongst those whom was given 5 talents but not only did he double it, he made thousands out of it.

How? Because he inspired thousands of people around the globe to achieve the same feat as he, no holds barred. And if that is not enough to see him at the feet of God basking in His eternal glory, then the eulogies and prayers of thousands of people whom he has inspired as I, will surely take him a step closer to behold the face of God. I also find solace in the news that his legacy will leave on after his death.

My heartfelt condolence to his wife, immediate family and associates. We all join you in this time of grief and sorrow, but be rest assured that Corey is in someplace beautiful.

Dear Corey you were a wonderful man to thousands of people around the world, may you rest in the bosom of the Lord in Peace Profound.

You Friend,

Samuel Iyinbo
Benin City, Nigeria

To Corey,

I heard they have internet in Heaven, T1 lines for everyone. I just wonder
if they have batteries for your digital tape recorder?

With you gone, the world lost a real ambassador. You made things happen!
It was great to share ideas with you and to admire your passion for
challenging fear, in every aspect of the word. I think you have taught us to
evolve, to take risks, never stop educating ourselves and remain focused
beyond all of this.

Goodbye and Thank you for your sharing,concern and trust!

Todd Edmondson
North Vancouver

Like many of you, I find myself frustrated with this loss of Cory,… how it happened.

I have googled and had google alert, to know as much as I can , to somehow make sense of ,…..
I first met Cory, when he helped an employee of his buy a Porsche from me in 1998 at his 6th and Granville street location We were on the same page , as I then sold him his Mercedes CLK 55 AMG to him in the U.S.

Always kept in touch as we had a common interest in high end cars.

Coincidentally as he took up residence, in La Jolla San Diego, my friend Omar Hajar was the GM of the new San Diego Ferrari store .

Well this was a place that Corey & Tracy loved to stop by , on the home , out from home , to the grocery store , simply driving by and stop in . It did not take long before we got an order in for Cory’s “DREAM CAR “,at that time .

The opening party of the Ferrari store was a great time to be enjoyed by Cory, Tracy and other Ferrari Enthusiast, as “ENZO “was there .

I surprised he did not change his order, mind you $668,000.00 and to be chosen as a buyer.

The March 2003, delivery of his 2002 360 Spider 6 sp. Titanium / Black, was a day of passion, as well “ACHIEVEMENT “.Cory and Tracy were ecstatic!

Tracy seemed to have as much excitement as did Cory for the car . I would say Tracy’s passion and excitement was for the love of her soul mate that was so accomplished and happy with her and everything he had created and shared with his true love.

13 years of a business of Passion (Porsche, Ferrari Lamborghini, Mercedes) driven to best it can be. I thank Cory Rudl for, intrusting in me to bring dreams to reality.

I can’t recall a happier moment than the delivery of his 1st Ferrari, as he shrieked like a little boy with his new toy . He had not even driven it yet.

I am overwhelmed, as I write this and see the 2 pictures of Cory and the cars I sold him. I am doubly, overwhelmed as I think of you, Tracy. I can only imagine the extraordinary time you both cherished. It is yours to keep,Tracy. I am sure he” rests with the best “.

Thanks , Paul J. Andersen

The world has lost a great marketing icon.
One thing that will make Corey proud is for each of us to resolve
to grow our businesses beyond measure using the tools he left us with.

He will be missed !!

Corey was to Internet marketing what Jay Abraham is to direct marketing.
Corey gave of himself to us all. I count myself truly blessed to be a student of his. America lost a marketing icon. Although you are gone, you still hold a place in our hearts.
Ken, thank you for the memorial.
A.J. Akoto


I really feel so sad hearing the news of corey’s demise. As I read the news of his fatal accident on Vortex site, his gentle face and the way he was writing his ad copy came to my mind at once. I never interacted with him, but I had received many mails from him to join his programme. I was very much intertested to join his programme but could not for some personal reasons.

I prayed to god to bless his soul to rest in peace.


Hari Prakash
Bombay, India

Ken: Did I know you? I can’t remember. Anyway, I knew Corey well, for a time. I’m in China and feel so far away from others that knew him.

Corey and I were roommates on West 6th just after he first started IMC. I was so curious about Corey because he was so unique. Before Derek and Paula he ran IMC and couple other startups from his home and had 1 employee, which soon became two, then four and so on. We didn’t live together for long – he had to convert my room into office space! He needed 2 more luxury-suites in the building! I watched IMC grow until it was 1/2 a downtown office building and then it grew some more. He did good business, even though others did not treat him with the same integrity. He was just a damned good guy! We did a little business pertaining to my business – not his – and we became great friends and buddies.

We did alot together in that year or two. We started by rollerblading. Corey had this 80’s style on blades and skiis. He was a talented kid though – but more than that – he loved it and you could just see it. He was a genuine 2-planker-wanker like me and we both liked speed. I tried to make up for in skiing and rollerblading, what he dished out on wheels! I had a heart attack the first time we did the off-ramps – 130+ kph with 4 people in a porsche (335’s my ass)! Thanks to him, I got pretty good doing those Rings on my own too, until the day there was that police roadblock. It was in the blind spot of the Pacific Street ring with me just flying around… I came so close to taking the poor cop out at the knees, I’m sure he soiled himself. He looked up panic-stricken, getting out of the way and and just watched me go by without stopping me.

We skied whistler-blackcomb several times, against his will. He was a snow Heli/Cat-Skiing snob, preferring only powder and less lift lines you see. Corey best-liked doing what few people could or dared. I showed him a different side to Blackcomb though. Then he introduced me to Cat-Skiing with some friends in Alberta. We went up to Trail for a couple of weekends and I had some of the best times of my life. Paul + gang: email me? Strangely, the drive back at night was one of the best parts of both trips – just chatting. Vegas – heck of a time. Goldschlagers!? Who would have thought! 4x4ing – man was that fixed-axle was fun in the snow! Stories and laughs. I thought of him as my best friend for more than a year and one of my best friends ever. It’s time he hears me say so. Life changed though and we lost touch…

Simone said it best: “Corey Rudl was the king of kings, in a kingdom of sharks, he was a big ole’ fun-loving fish”. Nice. That’s him in so many ways.

Hope: He was really proud to be your brother – I remember. I wish I could have been at the funeral to say something pointless to you about a feeling that I cannot share but would try to anyway. My heart goes out to you and your daughter. Tracy: We met once briefly. He used to think that he might never marry. He said it would take someone and something very special. You must have been just that. I’m very sorry for your loss but I’m so happy that he met you, and that you met him. I have a few pictures: skiing, etc – nothing outstanding. I will send copies when I can get them if you want them – or anything I can do. Requests from family only.

Corey: You lived life to your fullest and you genuinely brightened the lives and situations around you with your enthusiasm and positivity – which was like love without any strings attached – just it’s glory. You brought me some of the best times of my life and left me with standards to keep striving for. I’ll miss you forever, remember you always, tip a Corona to you every time I drink it and look for you when my turn comes.

Gary Shaben – formerly of Vancouver, BC

Hi from Louisiana,

My name is Brandy Waites, and all I can say is I’m stunned. I have
taken courses and received emails from Corey. He’s made such an impact
in my online work and my outlook on life. I have never met him in
person, or talked to him on the phone, yet I am here with tears poring
down as I write this letter. He will be missed by so many people. To
his family, I hope you can see how much he has touched everyone’s
lives and know that we will keep the fire he burned alive in us each
day in everything we do.

I’m so sorry he’s gone. But, I type here now
determined, I will use all that he has taught me and I will build my
business and accept partnerships and try new things. I will become
successful, not just because of my wants and needs, but of my desire
to help people and for the simple pleasure of knowing he could be
looking down right now and be proud. He can be proud that one person,
has taken him to heart, one person has achieved success because of
him, one person caught the fire he was trying to spread.

We’ll he’s caught me. And, I’m learning from him and bettering myself from
knowing him. He’s had a part in changing my life and alot of others.
To his wife, be proud and smile up to the sky every now and then, he’s
watching us all. All my love and respect to each of you out there. May
we always remember him and all that he stood for. Let’s put what he’s
started in motion.

Sincerely, Brandy Waites

June 14th, 2005

Dear Friends…

When I first saw that ominous e-mail heading I thought “Oh my God! He’s dead!”
I shook my head ‘no’ and didn’t open it. I continued going on about my business trying hard to ignore that eye sore title “Niki sad news about Corey”. It didn’t work. My heart felt like someone was squeezing it. So I opened it…

Like many others before me, I googled and yahooed in desperate hope that this was a mistake or some sort of crazy sales tactic of Corey’s… anything but what it really was.

I haven’t felt like this about someone, I didn’t know personally, dying, since Princess Diana. This feels worse. I guess it’s because Corey had that knack of making you feel he was your friend. Always there…

I will sorely miss him and his wonderful crazy offers, updates, e-mails and all the new brilliant ideas he would have wanted to share with us.

God bless us all, his family his friends.
Help us during this tragic time.

Anna Manousakis

Dear Ken,

Thank you so much for putting Corey’s memorial site together. It has truly comforted me at this time of sadness knowing so many other people feel as I do.

My husband and I just saw Corey speak a few weeks ago at the TMS Seminar in Tacoma, Washington. He didn’t come on until 7:00 at night and after a long day I remember thinking, “this guy better be good.” Good? We were blown away! Needless to say he inspired us so much that we came home, ordered his program and began revamping our website immediately. I am so grateful to Keith Lee for turning us on to this amazing guy and having the privilege to see him in person.

What I will remember most is Corey’s excitement and passion and the way he would say, “HOW COOL IS THAT?” when speaking about some innovative way to market your business online.

My sincere condolences to Tracy, his family and all those he worked with. You are all so blessed to have been part of his life and touched by his talents. Me too, even if just for a few hours.

With deepest sympathy,
Carolyn Gonzalez

Hi Ken
No this can not be true..Today I have just ordered online the The Insider’s
secrets..and just as i finished the ordering process,i went to the IMC home
page..i could not believe it.Why God.Corey,? I don’t have a website. I am in
Zimbabwe ,Africa. I have saved for so long to buy this book and for you to
be my mentor..and TODAY the day i finally purchase the the Insider secrets
and after filling out my aspirations and application for Corey to mentor
me…i gather he has passed on..I am in a state of shock..I never met Corey,
but i feel his works. My challenge from now is to set up a website which
will add value to my life and try to fulfil Corey’s dreams that i am sure he
would have wished on me.I am not sure how i will do it but one thing for
sure i will treasure the Insider Secrets that i ordered today.
To all my internet friends i say Do not give up when you still have
something to give.Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.
It is a fragile thread that binds us to each other.

May the Lord give Tracey the power to OVERCOME..
I will miss you Corey but your works live on..

Oliver Magwenzi

I had never net Corey Rudl and I did not even know him. However, he had
become a part of my life. I would download my email and look forward to
seeing his next innovative idea that he was sharing with his community.
His thinking has helped my business grow and raise its game and I am very
grateful to him for this.

I was very shocked to hear of his death and the loss that will bring to all
of us who respected his ability and were his ardent admirers.

He had special skills and talents and it is sad to think that he is no
longer here to provide his guidance and expertise.

As we all well know, life is not fair but they are the cards that were dealt
but he leaves behind a legacy of many thousands who will remember him.

That in itself is very special.

My thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

Carole Spiers

To Tracy and the entire Corey Rudly family of relatives and IMC members and clients,

From a “greenie” web business guy relatively new to Corey and IMC. I’m deeply sad and on the verge of bawling in shock and even though I never met Corey, I hoped that I would have eventually as my sites would prosper, after buying the course back in Decemer on the gracious 97$ offer. I was in hopes that once I was able to get transportation to do so I would like to have met Corey and hopefully become good friends so much like the rest of his clients. I feel like I’ve really known him even, without being in the same room, as I started reading his personal stories, watching videos and listen to audios of Corey’s. Some may say my grieving is selfish but I like to share in other peoples burdens just like Jesus commands us and I can assure you that he is sharing in your lives and grief at this traggic loss of Corey.

To put it into context I cried when another mentor of mine the radio Christian money man Larry Burkett passed away of Cancer two years ago I was moved to tears, even having never met him. I could tell that Corey had an ingenius and sharp, caring genuine way about his character that made people just anticipate being around him. I will deeply regret not getting to have the honor of even hearing Corey even mention a sound byte about the success of my internet businesses in the future due to his teachings.

There are people in life that you know better and have never met than those you see day to day and your lives just co-exist. I will not let Corey’s legacy down. You will here about me and to Corey and Internet will be given much deserving credit.


I’m so sad that he has been been taken so tragically from you Tracy!

In tears,

Kevin Jaynes
Fort Scott, KS

I met Corey in Sydney several years ago on a seminar he was running! Wow, full on impact- as everyone who has seen him presenting knows! Then several years of newsletters and finally the courage to enrol in the advanced mentoring program which I’m doing now- fantastic.

I’ve cried on and off for two weeks now after the news of Corey’s death. Thinking of his wife and soul mate, their families and all his close friends who are heart broken.

Feeling like you know someone really well and your relationship has all been via email is amazing!

What a fantastic guy you are Corey Rudl. When I look up to the stars at night, occasionally chatting to the people I have loved who have died, I’ll now have a chat with you also. You are in very good company!!!!

with love
Sashe Fischer
Blue Mountains

I was saddened and shocked to learn of Corey’s passing in my E-mail this
morning. Although I had never met him, I have been striving for many months now
to meet him at one of his seminars. Unfortuneately, that goal never
materialized, and I am heart broken because of it. It is a rare occasion when
someone comes into our lives and inspires us like Corey did.

I knew there had to be a better way to make a living out there, and Corey was the ambition I
needed to start to realize my goals and to build on them. He just had this way
of making you strive for excellance, and he never gave up inspiring us and
forcing us to live up to our full potential; the only reason one did not succeed
is because we were not ALLOWING ourselves to succeed. For this and many other
reasons, I was honored to have known Mr Corey Rudl.

Please accept my heartfelt and deepest condolences that go out to Corey and his
new wife and his whole family, to include those Corey trusted to carry on with
his dreams and goals. Corey, you will be sorely missed, and I honor and salute


James L. Steele
2LT, US Army
Washington State

I am numb with grief upon learning of Corey Rudl’s death. His “Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet” was my first introduction to him – an impressive one at that! While I never met him personally, I enjoyed receiving the massive amount of education, motivation and inspiration he so generously provided. Corey will always be a champion for the men & women willing to take a risk, to live with energy and passion- to believe themselves capable & worthy to follow their dreams. May God be with his family and his friends – all of us whose lives were stimulated by Corey’s tireless enthusiasm. Thanks, Ken, for this forum. I’m certain reading these testimonials will provide comfort in time.

Terry Hale


Kansas City USA

Dear Ken,

I don’t even know how to start this condolence note. I just received
an email from Corey’s wife informing about his death. Tears just
started to flow as I can hardly believe he is no more with us. As
a new internet home based business entrepreneur, Corey’s marketing
techniques helped me tremendously and motivated me to pursue my dreams
just as he did. He will be greatly miss, but as his wife says “his
legacy will continue.” My condolences go out to his wife Tracy,
his family, friends, and the entire staff at IMC.



Thanks for setting up the memorial site.

I’ve never met him so why did I cry when I heard the
news? It wasn’t so much that he died young, but from
wherever he is now, he can look back at this life and
say that he lived his dreams. How many of us will be
able to say that?

Unfortunate but timely kick-in-the-butt for me to get
moving on my dreams (and Insider Secrets!)

– Nadia

Hello Ken,

I am shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden death of Corey Rudl. I have been a student of his since he released his very first Internet marketing course in the early 1990s, and have always considered Corey as my mentor on Internet marketing. This is a tragic loss not only for his family, but for many thousands of his students from all over the world and other people whose lives he has touched in a special way. There is simply no replacement for Corey’s great mind, as he was truly one of a kind brilliant marketer, teacher, and real leader in the field of eCommerce. I can honestly say this since I read and successfully applied many of his powerful materials, and when I actually met him at the wedding reception in Orange County, CA in 2004, he confirmed once again that he was the true expert in the Internet marketing industry. I send my condolences to Corey’s family and the IMC staff. He will always be remembered and will always live through the knowledge he has passed on to me and numerous others.

Greg Feldman
Elite Marketing, Inc.

To: Corey Rudl
Wednesday, 12:12 a.m.

Dear Friend,

I never got a chance to meet you, but I feel I can call you my friend.

Just wanted to let you know that every time I check my email, I do so with great excitement and
anticipation, as I’m hoping for another AssocTRAC “Another Tracked Sale!” email in my inbox.

You’re not gonna believe this, but, tonight… there were TWO!

Then I saw an email from Tracy Rudl… I read the subject and said “OMG”… I began to read the email…
I was crushed… I couldn’t believe it. I immediately called my business partner and told him the
news and he couldn’t believe it either. You see, just over a year and a half ago we started a business
and have used your information and software to grow and grow and grow.

I found you as I stumbled upon a website (run by one of your many affiliates – Sussex something
is all I can remember. Thank you whoever you are!) while searching for info on how to build a web
page. I clicked on a link and ultimately ended up purchasing Insider Secrets.

Now, six years later and countless hours of studying you and your techniques, my day job is long
gone and I’m running a successful Internet business! I just wanted to say thank you for all of your
support and guidance over the years.

Brad Fuller

P.S. You will never be forgotten Corey! (I chose to write these words in the P.S. – – I knew you
would read them – – EVERYBODY reads the P.S.)

P.S.S. Yeah – I learned that from you. You’re awesome man… Thanks!

– – – – – –

My heart goes out to Tracy, Corey’s family and friends and to everyone in this world who was
fortunate enough to know Corey. He will truly be missed. I would like to go on for hours about
how Corey has positively affected me, both personally and professionally, because I could…
but I need to go tell my family and friends that I love them. God Bless.

Hi Kenneth –

This is probably one of the hardest emails I’ve ever had to
write. Now after returning from Corey’s funeral and with a
deeply saddened heart I’m finally ready to send this out.

* *

My wife, Missy, woke me up Friday morning (June 4th) with
an email from a subscriber giving his condolences to me
about Corey.


I had been playing video games until 3 in the morning and I
was planning on sleeping in – but I suddenly sprang out of
bed. Surely, this must be some kind of weird mistake or
something else….

I logged onto to a couple message boards since they are the
central outlets for info and right there on Tony Blake’s
board was a memorial banner for Corey Rudl. It was surreal.
Corey was the passenger in a Porsche Carrerra GT that lost
control and crashed during a track event. (I’ve included
the AP post on the accident at the bottom of this note).

Many of you reading this will know immediately who Corey

In Internet marketing circles Corey is a legend. Corey was
one of the true pioneers. I believe he was the very first
(even before Amazon) to build an affiliate program. He was
one of the first to sell downloable ebooks with his ‘Car
Secrets’ book. He was responsible directly and indirectly
for thousands (probably tens of thousands) of significant
successes online. His site says Corey has personally sold
over $40M and I wouldn’t be surprised if that figure
expands by 100x when you count his students. That’s just a
small indication of the impact he’s had.

Just reading the message boards and tribute sites you can
see how deeply this has impacted people. Most people never
knew Corey personally like I did and they still feel a
tremendous loss. I hope seeing this outpouring from people
all over the world will give Corey’s wife, Tracy, and his
family a small amount of comfort in these trying times.

Now I wouldn’t say Corey and I were ‘best buds’ but in the
last few years we had definitely developed a much closer,
personal friendship. I have about 8-9 good friends from the
Internet world and I would consider Corey in that group.

Corey and I really became much closer friends because we
were both in Dan Kennedy’s Platinum group so we met at
least 4x/year. Kennedy would always give us grief about
having the “Internet guys” in the Platinum group especially
because many of the existing members wanted to pick our
brains for online info. We couldn’t present right after
another – Kennedy wanted us spaced out to handle the
Internet guys in small doses. It was certainly in good fun
and the bond between us grew from there.

I was probably one of his closer “Internet” friends. Though
it actually wasn’t business – we never did promote anything
together – it was more personal. (Though we did consider
doing a joint seminar.)

We’d hang out after meetings sometimes and go to dinner or
a bar together. One meeting was in Los Angeles – we all
went out together on the town to a cool LA club staying out
until 4 am.

Then January of last year for my “30th Birthday Bash” I
managed to get Corey out of ‘semi-retirement’ from
speaking. I’m not certain but I think my Bday bash was the
first time he had spoken in a few years. I may be wrong. I
was extremely thankful and he did me a personal favor. It
was a pretty big coup and thanks to him and everyone else
part of my incredible line-up we had over 520 people there.

I have no idea if he already decided he wanted to speak
more but after that Corey began appearing again on stage. I
was glad because he able to have an impact on even more
people. I’d only seen Corey speak a couple of times and it
was really him out there. It was exhausting to watch him
because he spoke so fast but it wasn’t just an act. That
was him. He was full of enthusiasm and excitement about the
Internet business and he wanted to help compel people that
it really was possible.

Just a few months ago I stayed at his new home in La Jolla,
CA with his wife Tracy and their cute chocolate lab, Wally.
I was invited to their wedding but couldn’t make it. So
this was the first time I’d seen their place. Pretty
amazing and very cool. I was impressed and made some mental
notes for myself when I build a house.

I loved this ‘moat-like’ feature of stepping blocks
surrounded by water leading up to the front door. Another
standout for me was the “Infinity” pool that looked like it
dropped off right into the Pacific. Their place was
completely wired inside and out and definitely my style.
But I think one of Corey’s favorite feature was his garage.
It was a 4/5 car garage with carpet. Nice. He had a Ferrari
360 Spyder in there and his brand new baby, a Lamborghini

One of the funniest things he’d seen in awhile was me
trying to get into the Lamborghini. It was the scissor
doors which are very cool but not exactly the easiest to
jump in and out of. I landed very gracefully with a
resounding plunk as we got into the car. 😉

The car was a rocket and boy did that thing get stares.
When he dropped me off at the Airport – there were 2 people
who actually came up and got pictures of him in his car.
Pretty funny.

We shared a lot of similarities which makes this even
harder to grapple with. We had the same sense of adventure
and both were blessed with the opportunity to pursue it. We
talked about going off to Russia to fly MIG jets together
next summer and going backwoods skiing.

I actually came out to his place so we could go Baja racing
in Mexico. It was one of my favorite trips. I’ve got a fun
slide show that shows Corey having a ball in Baja – (I put this together awhile
ago so you can just disregard the last page about my
copywriting course – I have no intention of making this
email a commercial for anything.)

Funny side note – he was in DC at my Underground seminar
just a month ago and he couldn’t understand why people kept
asking him if he was still sore (you’ll get it if you watch
the video). He never knew I put the photos up of him from
the Baja racing trip we did together. He was a bit ticked
off at me – but had a laugh about it. Unlike me, Corey
didn’t want all his “adventures” to be public.


Corey wasn’t that close of friends with too many people in
the Internet marketing circle. I actually felt privileged
to be friends with him.

He didn’t keep up on the gossip, the rumors, the
“kindergarten’ stuff. He simply worked hard building up his
business. And he really built it and ran it like a “real
business”. I know some people have expressed their
uncertainty about the Internet Marketing Center continuing
without Corey but I have absolutely no doubt it will. Corey
built a great team around him and they were running the
place already without him for the most part.

As so many others have already said – Corey has left a lot
of people better off. He’s inspired and taught many.

A couple of the personal lessons (some small and some big
ones) I learned from Corey:

1. Live life. Sounds cliche, doesn’t it? But Corey really
did. Corey died doing something he loved and I think it
would be a big mistake to simply take away the lesson that
you’ve got to play it safe after this. Yes, racing might be
a bit dangerous but he really lived. And my philosophy is
“You can’t worry about you’re going to die – you can only
worry about how you’re going to live.”

2. Build up a team. In Baja Corey yelled at me for still
having many of my emails routed to me. He really tried to
hammer home to me that I needed a team and systems in
place. I don’t know if I ever want as many employees Corey
had – but having a team in place is paramount if you want
to grow beyond a certain point.

3. Pay for the best. One of my favorite sayings I heard
comes from Tom Phillips of Phillips Publishing. He said,
“Pay for the best and you’ll only cry once”. Corey would
tell me about how much he paid for top accounting, legal
and consulting. Trust me it was a lot but to him worth
every penny because he was building a real organization.

I’m sure more will come to me as my mind clears up.

One of the things I remember being most grateful to Corey
for was for increasing not just my expectations for my
personal life but my business as well. He was inspiring to
me with what he had accomplished and also how he coaxed me
a bit to step up my ‘game’.

Of course, business will go on as usual. Orders haven’t
stopped coming in over here and I’m sure orders haven’t
stopped for Corey’s products during this time (which is a
great thing about an Internet business). Things go on
however I know Corey’s spirit and influence won’t be
forgotten in our Internet community and beyond.

Usually I sign off by saying “All the best” – but I think a
better sign-off is “Be the best”. Corey really was the best
at what he did and if we strive to be the best – we might
just wake up one day to find we are.

You’ll be missed my friend.

Be the best,

Yanik Silver

SUBJECT – The Passing of an Internet Legend

In case you haven’t heard, Corey Rudl died in a racing
accident this past Thursday.
For those of you not familiar with him, and for those
of you who are, suffice it to say that he single-handedly
changed the face of marketing on the internet – for the
It’s taken me a long time to figure out what I wanted
to write to you all. Something has to be said though.
It’s hard to sort through the multitude of thoughts and
memories that are bouncing around in my head right now,
starting with the absolute shock that I felt when I
read Jim Boere’s newsletter this morning and heard about
the death of Corey Rudl.
Years of memories, starting with becoming an affiliate,
so long ago – or so it seems now, the money that I’ve
made, the lessons that I’ve learned, the arguments I’ve
had with his staff (always amicably resolved though),
the deals that we’ve made and the ones that we tried
to put together.
There is no sense to be made of this loss, to Corey’s
family, to those who worked with him, to those who knew
him, to those who learned his lessons, to the internet
as a whole. It’s one of those times where you shake your
head and say, ‘why?’.
He does leave behind a legacy though, one that will
endure for years to come, the well deserved legacy of a
man who not only talked the talk, but walked the walk as
There are lessons all through our life, and lessons to be
learned from Corey’s untimely death as well.

THERE IS NO TOMORROW – it’s always today, no matter what
day it is.
While we can PLAN for tomorrow, we can’t wait for it,
because it may never come.
Every morning that we wake up is a great start to any day,
make the most of it before it becomes yesterday.
Don’t put things off till tomorrow, it starts with only one
thing, then becomes a habit, and finally a mindset.
This doesn’t just apply to the internet, or marketing, or
anything in particular. This is a life lesson.
What becomes of your wife, your husband, your children,
your friends, your business, even your pets, if you don’t
wake up tomorrow?
If it happened to you, and you were still able to look down
and view what you had left behind, what would you wish that
you had done before you had gone?


Whether it’s a trip to Fiji, making a business decision,
watching a movie, getting life insurance, eating an exotic
food, or telling your significant other or a family member
that you love them.

DO IT – NOW. There is no tomorrow. Regardless of what it is,
if it needs to be done – do it now.

That’s the immutable law of the unexpected – you can’t plan
for it. It just happens – today, not tomorrow.

Corey Rudl – Rest in Peace. You will be remembered by many.
My condolences to his family, friends, co-workers, students
and peers.
Though we can never take away the pain that you’re feeling,
may there be some small comfort in knowing that there are
many that feel the void, the vacuum that his passing has left.

Stuart Halpryn


A few days ago I got Tracy’s email about Corey’s
death, to say I was shocked is a serious

although I did not know Corey personally I felt
tremendous pain, Corey is the same age as my wife and
I and his early death just reminded me how fragile
life can be.

no matter how much money you make or how successful
you are death can take you any time.

I truly feel that we all should appreciate life for
what they give us and be thankful for all that we

I would like to offer my deepest condolences to
Corey’s friends and family.

Allen Averbuck

It is with deep regret that I have to accept that the person whose products have given me the ability to get out of the rat race and build an internet business has passed away: Corey Rudl. Corey met with a nasty accident on Thursday morning (2nd of June) and was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident itself. He is the owner of many of the products I used to create and run this website, namely the following:

1. A manual that had ALL the details about how to create a website from scratch

2. A members-only site that featured other successful business owners and how they started and succeeded on the net

3. An automation software that brings this very newsletter to you every other Wednesday!

I never had the chance to meet Corey personally and it is sad that I will never now be able to thank him in person. His death is really a waste and great loss. If anything at all one can learn from this tragedy, it’s the fact that life is but brief. It is precious and must be cherished. “

Thank you very much.


Aneeta Sundararaj
Kuala Lumpur

Hi Ken,

When I read and heard about this tragic accident, I was totally stunned.
I was also compelled to give a personal tribute to someone I regard as a “Trail-Blazer”
in the world of internet marketing.

Corey was the very first person I met and grew to trust regarding Internet marketing.

In a time where hype rained supreme in cyberspace – Corey caught my attention.

I was very sceptical at first – but after I encountered the “Corey Experience”

(anyone who went to his seminars knows what I’m talking about).

After reading copious amounts of his emails, I bought his videos

(my first purchase ever on the Internet) – Then I decided to take a step

of faith and went to one of his protégé programs in the UK.

I’ll never forget it – Corey spoke for 8 hours – but here’s the thing…

He spoke so at 100 miles an hour too. I guess he took session breaks
for our benefit since his brain was operating at high revs.

I always wandered how he managed to get the words out so quickly.

He basically had the gift of “brain dumping”.

There was no notes, no script. You just knew Corey was consumed by his business.

Some would say positively possessed (in a nice way).

That type of passion is so contagious!

Needless to say – by the end of that day – my brain was totally fried and
it took 2 days to land back on planet earth… My wife though that I lost my mind.

Then afterward – she thought I had learned a new language. In deed I have…

It’s the language of success and possibilities.

He sure made his life count and he was the first person to convinced me
that you can make money on the internet.

Thanks to him giving me a kick up the behind – I now run my own business
as a web marketing consultant.

I learned the virtue of taking action and spend the rest of my days teaching others to do the same.

Thanks Cory – History will declare you as a legend – the fastest talking
Internet marketer – with integrity that I have experienced and known.

To Corey’s Family:
My deepest condolences.. May the Lord bring you comfort at this time.
Tracy – I think you’re very brave – Many blessings to you also.
Thanks Ken for allowing us to give our personal tributes.
Jos Hall – UK

To Ken & Tracy

i am still figuring out and setting up, what to me is the only way I shall be satisfied with life. I shall make it happen because to me the man fuelling this isn’t gone. He is still right here guiding in his tutorials and tips, which is what I am reading till I start changing lives. Heck, I haven’t even bought Corey’s full book yet!

Condolences. But he really is alive.

IMC, we are following diligently.

A Corey Student

Hello Ken,

Boy was I shocked when I returned from vacation and opened my email. Reading
about the death of Corey Rudl literally took my breath away. I first came to
know Corey in 1998 when I became a member of his IMC newsletter.

I never was able to purchase any of his courses because I didn’t and still don’t
have the money but I avidly read his newsletters. They have inspired me to never
quit my search for getting a business together on the Internet.

Not having ever met him in person, I have always felt that I “knew” him because
of his way of writing his emails and newsletters.

My heart and deepest condolences go out to his family and new wife. He was a
great man and I just wish I had been able to have met him in person. He will be
sorely missed.

Very sincerely,
Dalora Anderson
Charlotte, NC USA

I admire Corey for his dedication to all his passions in life…His dedication to his work and company took up most of his time but yet he still dedicated quality time to be a devoted husband, son, brother, and uncle.

I admire Corey for being inspirational leader…He inspired others to work hard, push boundaries and exceed their limits. He showed us by example that if you have the ambition and drive, anything is possible.

I admire Corey for being down to earth…With all his money, success and busy life, he still took the time to get to know his staff on a personal level and motivated us to be successful in whatever we endeavored. He took the time to speak with his customers and give them support and advice.

I thank you for the privilege of meeting you and working for an amazing company…A company you instilled with a “work hard, play hard” atmosphere (many times we would come in to work in the morning and find Corey asleep in his office and then he would be doing laps around the office on rollerblades) …A company that is successful, supportive and family-like. All this reflects the man who built it.

Corey will be missed by all. It is remarkable that this one person has touched the lives of many.

Teena Mola

Internet Marketing Center

Dear Ken:

I am just now fiinding out about Corey Rudl’s death. I have known Corey for about 8 years.
I am saddened by this tragedy and would really like to send a card to his parents. Corey and I lost contact about 3 years ago or so and the last time we spoke he was in BC and his parents were still in Carleton PLace. Do you have a forwarding address where I can send a card to them, or maybe somewhere where they will receive it? Could you kindly find out for me? I would really appreciate it.If you have any questions please contact me via email.

Melissa McGrath (Moore)

Dear Ken

I wanted to pass my condolences to all at IMC, to Tracy and his father John; what can be said that can encompass the loss that you all must be feeling and of what has been achieved by Corey and the legacy that shall now be carried on by Derek and all the staff at IMC.

This is a tragic loss to the Internet community, and his loss shall be felt by many. This man was a genius, and his ability to share not only his experiences, but his time is a testament to him and his willingness to genuinly want others to succeed.

Thank you from the bottom of my soul for all I have learned from you Corey, you may not be here in body, but you shall certainly always be here in both our hearts and memories.

No doubt watching from heaven or hopefully you have already returned in Angelic form to support Tracy, your father and the team at IMC to ensure they can all feel you by their sides.

Alex Angel

Edinburgh Scotland

Hi Ken,

Thank you for creating this website for Corey.

I was very sad to hear about Corey Rudl’s tragic accident.
My prayers go out to his wife Tracy, and his family. I
never met him but am an affiliate for IMC and a subscriber
to his newsletter.

His teachings will be around for many years and he will
continue to be an inspiration to us all.

Corey will be missed.

Peg Bastin
Delaware, USA

Hello Ken,

Please accept my sincere thanks for taking the time and trouble to
commemorate the memory of a true “Gentleman of Business”, who
was Mr Corey Nicholas Rudl.

Corey Rudl was one of the first people I came into contact with when I
embarked on my Internet career way back in 1997. I had enjoyed real
success with my offline business and wanted to see if I could achieve
anything similar online?
To be perfectly honest I was only really “playing” because I wanted
something to do with my spare time!

I signed up to Corey’s newsletter and played around with some of his
ideas and recommendations. Whenever I emailed him, he replied.
He never made me feel stupid or “talked down” to me or fobbed me off
with any old rubbish. He was a true gentleman, with an incredible
business mind and the will to share his extensive knowledge with
others who were trying to achieve success online.

Corey was an inspiration to many thousands of us during his short life.
I have to admit that I have not been as committed as Corey was, due
in part to time constraints, but the times when I took Corey’s advice or
followed one of his strategies they paid off.

There are many of us who owe such a lot to Corey and his unfailing will
to help anybody who cared to ask!
The legacy he has left behind will never die and I truly believe that many
people will continue to benefit from his expertise that still remains with IMC

What a Total Powerhouse Corey was!

My thoughts and condolences are with his family at this terrible time.

God bless you all

Mal Robertson
Cheshire UK

My condolences to the Tracy and family! May God give you peace and strength during this time of incredible loss. My prayers are with you!

Maggie Hamilton
Fayetteville, NC

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